Infinite Imagination Blooms like Flowers—An Outlook of Beijing Expo 2019

Away from the chaotic city, Beijing Expo 2019 paints a beautiful landscape scroll, showing natural beauty of lovely mountains and lakes and demonstrating wonderful artworks in the riverside and woods. 2016-03-25

A bird's-eye view  of the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019, Beijing, China

Approved by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH), certified by Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), hosted by the government of PRC and organized by Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing Expo 2019 is an A1 (the highest level) exhibition. Recently, the Organizing Committee of Beijing Expo 2019 held the second session, at which the Comprehensive Planning of the Exposition and Planning of Surrounding Infrastructures was reviewed and approved. Based on the blueprint, construction of the Park will formally start soon. In the layout of "One Center, Two Axes, Three Belts and Several Zones" the exposition will be a window to show the ecological achievements in China and a vivid practice for building the splendid country.

Poetic beautyin the fascinating landscape

Away from the chaotic city, Beijing Expo 2019 paints a beautiful landscape scroll, showing natural beauty of lovely mountains and lakes and demonstrating wonderful artworks in the riverside and woods.

Yongning Pavilion overlooks the park, Lawn Opera House is the place where symphonies of the spring and summer are played, and Heavenly Farmland shows the wisdom in Chinese agriculture in a euphemistic and vivid way. In the vast sea of flowers at the lakefront in the central area, you'll see beautiful peonies, roses and lilies, large lotus pond stretching to the horizon, sunflowers blooming under the sun... Guishui River is the home for swans, cranes, swallows, woodpeckers and other agile, graceful birds. Colorful butterflies and busy bees are dancing among the numerous bunches of flowers.

The splendid "Axis of Landscape" shows Chinese cultures of the five thousand years. Traditional Chinese elements are put together at the Gate of Etiquettes and Music showing primitive simplicity and at the wonderful Twelve Flora Columns. The picture of Folk Customs at Bin State presents the agricultural elements. A lot of Chinese charms can be found in China Pavilion.

Corresponding to the "Axis of Landscape", "The Axis of World Gardening" is another splendid world. Beijing Expo 2019 will attract no less than 100 official participants (countries and international organizations) and 100 non-official participants (foreign and domestic companies). The park will offer a stage to present the arts of gardening to the world: There are the colorful plants from tropic rain forests, succulent plants from deserts, dazzling European flowers, unique Asian courtyards... Exotic marvelous flowers and rare plants won't fail to evoke every one. The amorous landscape is just like what's described by the Germany romantic poet Friedrich Hölderlin, "There lies the open field in summer, with forest emerging at a distance, deep and serene. Brilliant rays shine upon human beings high from sky, as if bunches of flowers cluster under the tree."

Design from nature's enlightenment

Encircled by the mountains by the Great Wall, Yanqing is one of the hot resorts in Beijing's summer, and is used to be called the "Summer Capital" in history. The winding mountains carry on the Great Wall. The clean water in Guanting Reservoir shows the reflection of floating clouds in the sky. All these make Yanqing an ideal site for the Expo. It also puts a great challenge to the designers to build the Park in such natural scenery.

Like what is described in the Craft of Gardens, "a garden is artful when it properly borrows the original landscape, and is beautiful if it has the proper sizes." The beautiful landscape at Yanqing offers perfect conditions for the Park. By smartly borrowing the potential of water and shape of mountains, we can enjoy both the vast water and the romantic mountains in each season. The Park is part of the nature. Efforts will be made to pursue the ideal Chinese garden which, "although is an artwork of man, looks as if it is from the hands of nature." This is quite like Badaling, which would be a mountain only if there was not the magnificent Great Wall. It is exactly the Great Wall that makes it a beautiful landscape. In excellent landscape arts, buildings are part of the nature world, and will give the people strong visual impact. At its foundation, Bureau of Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition Coordination has clearly determined four principles for the art design of the Park: Give top priority to ecology, design in a natural way; learn from traditional culture, stay open to new ideas; add technological intelligence and fashion elements; adopt innovative ideas in the park, thus enabling it to be used permanently. After the Expo, the natural landscape would be more beautiful with what we have left.

The Park is at the southwest of Yanqing. East of the park is next to new Yanqing City, and the west is next to Guanting Reservoir. It is built on both banks of Guishui River, and is about 10km to Badaling Great Wall and Haituo Mountain. The fenced-in area is 503 hectare, and non-fenced-in area 399 hectare. In the construction planning of the Expo park, the existing mountains, river, forests and farmland will be kept in the way they are. More plants, new and old, will be planted to enhance ecological functions and improve air quality. The water environment in the park will be optimized by using recycled water, controlling rain and flood ecology, purifying the ecological wetland, and recharging the ground water. More animals like fish, birds, insects, etc. will be lured to live here, complete habitats and ecological chains will be built, and more types of life forms will be found here so as to make the place ecologically safe. Together with the nature, we intend to paint a magnificent picture with the least disturbance to the existing ecosystem and try to achieve the best ecological functions in the future.

Beautiful landscape is also an extension of cultural genes. It combines environmental features, local culture and buildings, and offers better visual experience. There is a Horticultural Town in the park, where modern gardening approaches will be introduced and the local conditions and the local folk's way of life will be preserved so that while people are enjoying the fragrant flowers in local alleys, they can hear folks talking in hometown accent and remember what are hidden in their childhood memory.

Interesting tour where friendship is nourished by flowers

The International Horticultural Expois a large park where the beauty of nature can be felt and a big party where lots of fun can be found. Guests will feel the charm of the nature in different ways. Interactive events like "picking with robots" and "outer space garden" will no doubt attract lots of young people.

For example, under the topic "stories about gardening life", the gardening life experience zone will show you what they are in the main pavilions such as the Life Experience Pavilion, International Pavilion, China Pavilion, Foliage Pavilion etc. Guests can feel the power of life in the ever-changing natural conditions like temperature, soil, water, wind, lighting, and sense how the life blooms through touching, hearing, tasting, smelling and watching.

Another example is the "Kaleidoscope" Interactive Experience Greenhouse and the Ecological Park program. The laboratory and fantasy virtual game that are open to all guests will let the guests be aware about "the relationship between man and plants" through interesting experiences and show due respect to the nature. From the perspective of small animals, the guests will realize "role-playing" and experience the power of plants through the latest interaction technologies. Researchers will also use the latest multimedia technologies to show the achievements in genetic breeding for flowers, present a technological and intelligent international horticultural exposition with lots of experiences in the woods.

Enjoy the wonders of the nature, hear the sound of the nature, and feel the power of the nature. Buildings, technologies, vogue... everything here is harmonious with the nature. Men, as it were, should live on a piece of poetic land like this.


Beijing Expo 2019, hosted by the Chinese government and the Beijing Municipality, is a worldwide horticultural exposition with the highest category. Read More