Live Green, Live Better

Beijing Expo 2019 will be heldin Yanqing, Beijing from April to October of 2019, lasting for 162 days.“Live Green, Live Better” is the theme of Beijing Expo2019, and the five major concepts, namely, "Creation, Coordination, Green, Openness and Sharing" will guide the whole process of the exposition. 2016-03-25

Green: low-carbon, environmental, and sustainable utilization

In a modern society advocating ecological civilization, Beijing Expo2019 will become a vivid practice of constructing beautiful China and realizing green life.

Wide countryside and luxuriant forest, Beijing Expo 2019is a green ocean. Meanwhile, Beijing Expo 2019 will also become a platform to promote green production, green consumption, and green living concept. The park advocates green traffic, which is mainly oriented to walking, bicycle, and electro-mobile. With regard to different visiting demand, water route, cycling route, "3 hours-7 hours-2 days", and other featured tourist routes will be designed.

In order to create more comfortable and pleasant visiting environment and to highlight the characteristics of the gardening, the shade visiting experience will be focally emphasized in Beijing Expo 2019. As for this, parking place under the shade is planned in the Park, which makes use of existing natural poplar grove to build the zone for security check. Along main tourist routes, shade landscape streets are designed to provide all kinds of shade space for waiting, resting, and passing. The 8-km Gui River Ecological Leisure Belt is planned to form a natural riverside leisure oxygen bar.

Existing rural resources will be fully brought to play. With "Visiting Horticultural Exposition One Day, Staying in Flower Field One Night, and Enjoying One Feast of Flower" as the theme, traditional horticultural culture will be demonstrated, and characteristic tourism service will be provided, such as constructing self-driving RV camp and experiencing the beautiful rural life, etc. Horticultural town will be designed to demonstrate living horticulture; by utilizing cozy yards and houses, pleasant gardens and fields, as well as novel fun technologies, the fashion trend of decorating life with horticulture and popularizing horticulture among the public will be conveyed.

Beijing Expo 2019 advocates the concept of green architecture, requiring that non-traditional water source accounts for no lower than 80% of the total water demand in the park. Sewage in the park will be totally recycled, and landscape water quality of all exhibition zones shall not be lower than Level III. Compound ecological water vein provides good conditions for rainwater collection, utilization, flood prevention and flood drainage. Moreover, ecological sponge park with low development effect will be comprehensively constructed. The distributed photovoltaic power generation stations will be established on the roof of all pavilions. Geothermal-source heat pump system will provide heat source for air conditioning system.

In the construction of all pavilions, local green, environmental, recyclable, and detachable building materials will be utilized to conform to the theme of Beijing Expo 2019, to reflect green and sustainable technology, and to highlight the humanistic spirit of harmonious coexistence between human and the Nature.

Openness: a world stage for grand horticultural gathering

It is introduced that the exposition will attract no less than 100 official exhibitors (countries and international organizations) and 100 non-official exhibitors (domestic provinces and cities, as well as enterprises home and abroad). 200 exhibition zones and areas will bring the world with a splendid flower show.

The Report of the 18th National Congress of the CPC officially proposed the decision to construct a beautiful China. China is in a stage for opening-up and reform, and fast economic development. We should emphasize ecological civilization construction, as well as the application and publicity of horticultural experience and technology. International Horticultural Expois just the best platform for the exchange and development of horticultural technology and experience of countries around the world. Each country has its own characteristics in horticultural technology with unique experience accumulated. The time-honored Capital Beijing will demonstrate itself to the whole world with International Horticultural Expo. Meanwhile, Beijing also needs the platform to introduce excellent foreign horticultural technology and experience, as well as advanced ecological and scientific development concept to Yanqing, Beijing, China, and even to other countries.

Sharing: people of the world sharing a garden of all seasons

Beijing Expo 2019 is a big garden shared by all people, a large stage for art sharing, a demonstration hall for technology sharing, and a grand meeting for advanced concept sharing. Here, people share the construction achievements of ecological civilization, and the successful exploration of technological advancement.

Here, people rest and ramble in the nature, and enjoy the perfect combination between internet and horticulture. Intelligent management, virtual reality, wearable mobile terminal, genetic breeding technology, robot... These high-technologies help people understand and become familiar with horticulture in small games.

After the event, the area will be turned into a large ecological park in the region to create a flower exhibition brand for Beijing. This place will become a forest oxygen bar frequently visited by "urban people". This place also has a nesting zone for horticultural industries, which undertakes the duties of horticultural research, production, demonstration, and trade. Meanwhile, it is also an important constituent part to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Tourism System, forming Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Northwest Golden Tourism Route with Badaling Great Wall, Bashang Grassland, Chengde and other famous resorts.

The Horticultural Town will become a creation heaven for horticultural landscapes, as well as a gathering place for designers to create and demonstrate their works. Professionals are encouraged to create and start business here. Furthermore, it is also a perfect paradise for relaxation with additional functions of vacation and nursing, a best destination to experience horticultural healthcare, as well as a professional and comprehensive place to experience horticultural therapy.

Pavilions, including Plant Pavilion, China Pavilion, and International Pavilion, will be reformed into Chinese horticultural trade center and environmental technology experience center. The Beijing Expo 2019 Park will become a fascinating tourist destination.

Beijing Expo 2019 will be a harmonious coexistence between human and nature, as well as a continual practice of ecological civilization. The International Horticultural Exposition 2019 will adhere to such concept: Upgrading upon Inheritance & Sublimating in Nature. In the year 2019, people from all over the world will share green life, construct beautiful home, and portray a world with green hill, clean water, fresh air, beautiful environment and harmonious human and nature in Beijing, China, right by the Great Wall, in the grand "horticultural event", and on this "world stage". Aren't you coming?

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Beijing Expo 2019, hosted by the Chinese government and the Beijing Municipality, is a worldwide horticultural exposition with the highest category. Read More