The Signing Ceremony for the "Kaleidoscope" Project of Beijing Expo 2019

On Nov. 16, 2015, Beijing Expo Investment & Development Co., Ltd. and China Vanke Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to jointly build the Kaleidoscope Project, a core exhibition hall  Beijing Expo 2019. 2016-03-25

 Deng Naiping, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Party Secretary, served asthe hostat the ceremony.

Deng Naiping, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of Party Secretary, served asthe hostat the ceremony.

China Vankeis introducing the “Kaleidoscope” Project.

China Vankeis introducing the “Kaleidoscope” Project.

Awonderworld themed on plants, the project and the rest of Beijing Expo 2019Park, will add charm to all-season tourism in Yanqing, Beijing.

With an area of 15,000-20,000 square meters, the project will adopt a main structure that is made of plant-based materials. Its building mass will feature a decentralized & clustering layout. Embellished with vertical greening, these structures and surrounding landscapes will add radiance to each other.

The project content will also include plant greenhouse, 3D organic farm, smart restaurant, open research lab, multi-functional green space and virtual reality game, etc. Highlights of the project are as follows:

1. Look for “plants that will change the world” and show respect for nature.

The theme of the “Kaleidoscope” Project is “Power of Plants”. With advanced technologies, the project will be built into a greenhouse and eco-wonderland that integrates research, popular science and interactive experience. Open research lab and magical virtual games will stimulate visitors to ponder the “Relationship between Man and Plants” in fun experience and to show respect for nature.

2. Micro-perspective +interactivetechnologies, build aneducation baseforpopular science.

From the perspective of simulated small animals, visitors will be able to use the latest interactive technologies to get into “different roles”, thus gaining a better understanding of the power of plants.

3. 3D organic farm + smart restaurant—anideal place for leisure.

3D organic farm will accept reservations via its online platform, which allows it to collect big data on visitors’ dietary structure during the six-month Beijing Expo 2019. Echoing the theme on food, the farm will also offer a package of “Power of Plants”-themed services including tour, entertainment and catering.

Zhou Jianping, Deputy Director-General of Expo Coordination Bureau, said that the “Kaleidoscope” Project will be a new addition to all-season tourism in Beijing and will become an important tourist destination in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Before and after the Olympic Winter Games, tourism resources of the Beijing Expo 2019 (includes the Kaleidoscope project) and those in the north of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region will be integrated, making this region a new tourist hotspot in China.

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