Traces of the Beautiful Yanqing: 1.8 Billion Years Ago

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Yanqing is located in the transition zone between North China Plain and Inner Mongolia Plateau with beautiful landscape and comfortable environment. Geological history of billions of years carved the unique geological landscape and picturesque natural scenery, as well as the good ecological environment and splendid cultural history. The main material foundation of geology here are marine carbonate rocks of the Precambrian Period, centering on the geological relics of Yanshan Orogeny in Mesozoic Era, with tectonic, sedimentary, ancient biological, magmatic activity and the Karst landform in the north of China five in one. Here is like a palace of geological science research.

In Mesozoic Era, lives were prosperous, with violent crustal activities. From 130 million years ago to the Yanshan Orogeny 70 million years ago, Yanqing had formed three volcanic tectonic basins: the Sihai Basin in the East had nurtured the thick volcano rocks and fluvio-lacustrine sedimentary rocks; the Qianjiadian Basin in the Middle and the Baihebao Basin in the West had developed thick lacustrine sedimentary rocks and a small amount of volcanic clastic rocks.

In the territory of China, Yanshan Mountain is the most obvious landmark between the Northeast Plain and the North China Plain. Yanqing well retains the geological records related to the Yanshan Orogeny, including multistage intrusive rocks and volcanic rocks, such as the famous Badaling granite complex, Songshan granite, and Lotus Hill granite.

A variety of structural geological relics formed due to the Yanshan Orogeny, such as the grand piedmont fault, almost vertical rocks, huge Redstone bay arched roof, Liudaohe anticline, spectacular monocline had made Yanqing one of the most typical areas to study Yanshan Orogeny and the corridor connecting China’s two vastest plains.

In Yanshan Orogeny Period, Yanqing, with warm and humid climate, a great variety of plants and animals, and extensive rivers and lakes, was the paradise of lives, with dinosaurs prowling in the jungle and the lakeside. A large number of well preserved fossil wood and newly discovered dinosaur footprints found in Late Jurassic Tuchengzi Formation at Qianjiadian area are a perfect metaphor of the important geological history. The properly preserved silicified wood becomes precious geological relics, with high scientific research, popular science and ornamental value. The discovery of footprints of dinosaur, some of which are first discovered in China, is the first direct proof that dinosaurs had once lived in Beijing. The discovery greatly enriched the types of dinosaurs in the period. It has significant scientific value to the analysis of the composition, living habits and evolution of dinosaurs in North China in Late Jurassic and has become Yanqing’s most important geological relics with global correlation significance.

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