Traces of the Beautiful Yanqing: 1.8 Billion Years Ago

  • offcial website of Beijing Expo 2019 2016-03-26 16:30:22

Times have changed, and the years have chased one another. About sixty million years ago, geological history entered the Cenozoic Era. The earth’s crust, after experiencing the erosion of nature, ushered in the geological history of Karst development in the north of China. Dense joints and faults formed in the Yanshan Orogeny cut and divided the Middle-New Proterozoic marine carbonate rocks. Molten rocks interacted to create the magnificent Karst landscape.

The Badaling Great Wall of Ming Dynasty in Yanqing, which was built on the complex rocks in Badaling formed in Late Yanshan Orogeny, is a vivid example of the perfect combination of geological relics and historical culture. Longqing Valley, “its water made of silk and its mountain a hairpin the color of jasper,” is like an exquisite scroll of landscape painting. The walls of the canyon, with unbroken, typical horizontal bedding, stromatolites and storm sedimentary structure, are like verses recording the ancient stories of the earth. Flanking on both sides of Qianjiadian Valley are winding mountain ranges. Peaks and stones of Karst formation, both grotesque and bizarre, appear to be like humans and objects; Tianshengqiao Bridge, looms in the mountains where it is laid. Guyaju is the largest ancient cliff-living site found in North China. It was made of three sets of streaked rocks in Yanshan Epoch granite by ancient people. It is the largest and classiest ancient cave settlement site found in Beijing so far, worthy of the name “Eternal Mystery”.

Nature, with its great power, created vibrant changes and magnificent spectacles. Billions of years of geological history had left a unique geological landscape and picturesque natural scenery in the land of Yanqing. The earthly dyes could never paint the rich implications of the geology of Yanqing; all the fine languages in the world can’t convey the lyrics in the geology of Yanqing. Here engraves the geological monument of crustal movement. Here unfolds the grand picture of the vicissitudes of the earth. 

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