Pushing Market Participation, Innovating Hosting Way:Beijing Expo 2019 Holds the First Enterprise Matchmaking Meeting

Officers from nearly 100 well-known domestic enterprises involving horticulture, flower, exhibition, science and technology, and other fields have gathered in Golden Hall of Xiadu Convention Center, Yanqing to attend the first enterprise matchmaking meeting for Beijing Expo 2019. 2016-03-26

Promoting enterprise clustering, agglomerating industrial elements,the International Horticultural Exhibition focuses on innovative utilization after the Expo.


    Zhou Jianping, Standing Deputy Director of Expo Coordination Bureau is interviewed by journalists from Beijing Daily, etc.

Speaking of the original intention to hold this matchmaking meeting, the responsible officer from Expo Coordination Bureau said, as aprofessional expo to be sponsored by Chinese government and organized by Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing Expo 2019 shall insist on the government-dominated hosting. Meantime, attention shall be paid to market participation. Last week, Project Kaleidoscope, the first program with social participation of Beijing Expo 2019 was signed successfully. Such cooperation is expected to solve the operation problem of plant pavilion after each expo. “Project Kaleidoscope has opened the prelude for social forces to participate in hosting. We hope that social forces can strengthen the vitality of Beijing Expo 2019, enabling more enterprises to share the business opportunity, create more wealth, and also add fuel to the public entrepreneurship and innovation.”


    Li Jianshu, Business Manager of Business Development Department of China Vanke is delivering a speech.

 Li Jianshu, Business Manager of Business Development Department of China Vanke said that this matchmaking has left him a deep impression. Following Shanghai World Expo and Milan World Expo, China Vanke is now participating in the construction of Project Kaleidoscope. The participation experience is very valuable to China Vanke.

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Beijing Expo 2019, hosted by the Chinese government and the Beijing Municipality, is a worldwide horticultural exposition with the highest category. Read More