Ecological and Cultural Characteristics in 15 Townships in Yanqing

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    Yanqing Town

As a modern eco-city that is livable and beautiful, Yanqing Town, the political, economic and cultural center of the county, is where Yanqing District proper locates. Guichuan Square, Guishui Park, Sanlihe Wetland Park, Jiangshuiquan Park, Baiquan Park, Chengxi Park, Sports Park, Wanmu Binhe Forest Park are found in the town. Yanqing Town lives up to its title as a scenery botanical garden city featuring "Landscape City, Garden City".The Central Hot Spring Leisure Business District in north of the city, Pan Guihe River Creative Design R&D and Ecological Leisure Industry Belt, and the East and West High Tech Sightseeing Agricultural Park are in planning stage. High-end tourism and leisure products like leisure vacation, business exhibition, cultural experience, and health fitnessare vigorously developed.

    Yongning Town

The ancient city of Yongning was a key military town in Ming Dynasty in the east of Xuanfu Town as an important part of the Great Wall's defense system. The city faced the Imperial Mausoleum, with its back to Jinyun County and had been a key military town screening the capital.Yongning tofu is an important featured cuisine. Nanguan bamboo hobbyhorse is important content of the traditional folk culture which wasincluded in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List of Yanqing County in 2007. It is among the first 15 intangible cultural heritage protection projects. Drawing on Nanguan Bamboo Hobbyhorse, the intangible cultural heritage of folk characteristics, Yongning Town was named the "Hometown of Chinese Folk Culture and Art".

    Kangzhuang Town

Organic agriculture is developing rapidly in Kangzhuang Town, which has the Beicaiyuan Organic Vegetable Cooperatives and Xiaofengying Facility Agriculture Park. Kangxi Prairie Horse Cultural Theme Leisure Area is the main tourist attraction and tourism resource in Kangzhuang.The town is going to develop its economy by building anindustry-friendly industrial belt and peasant employment base.

    Zhangshanying Town

The grape industry is the trumpcard of Zhangshanying Town. With five varieties of grapes winning the National Gold Award, the place is a demonstration base of "National Quality Grape Production". With the advantage of grape industry, the town builds the Industrial Belt of Wine Chateau, meanwhile leadingthe development of the tourism industry and other related industries. Deqingyuan Ecological Breeding Garden is Asia's largest individual laying hen farm and modern agricultural demonstration base that realizes industrialization of national high and new technology. It is awarded the Large-scale Biogas Power Generation Technology Demonstration Project titleby United Nations Development Program(NUDP) and Global Environment Facility (GEF).

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