Ecological and Cultural Characteristics in 15 Townships in Yanqing

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    Badaling Town

Badaling Town, with the world-class scenic spot Badaling Great Wall, is a place for international communication, a patriotic education base, an international tourist destination, and the green ecological barrier in northern Beijing. The people of Badaling Town are known for their simple pureness, and the community is civilized and harmonious. The new rural communities in Badaling, in which the villagers live and work, begin to take shape. Badaling Town, with rich tourism resources, excellent ecological environment and perfect infrastructures, is an important town of tourism and leisure in Yanqing and the capital. With rapid development of leisure and tourism agriculture, Badaling is seeking to create the "International Tourism and Leisure Town".

    Jiuxian Town

Jiuxian Town got the name since it was the center of the ancient Jinshan Town. Penyao Village was a historic potterymanufacturer in Yanqing Town, and its traditional pottery making technologyhasbeen passeddown through the ages. Established in Ming Dynasty, the village, dubbed the "Hometown of Ceramic Arts", has a history of 500 years. Jiuxian Town has three of the Eight Ancient Scenic Spots in Yanqing, namely "Gu Cheng Yan Shu", "Shen Feng Lie Cui", and "Du Shan Ye Yue".

    Dayushu Town

Dayushu Town featuresChinese herbal medicine culture. By bringing in 45 varieties of Chinese medicinal herbs adaptablein North China and building the "Hundred-Herb Garden"pilot demonstration base, Dayushu Town makes great effortsin promotingChinese herbal medicine culture. Currently, the Town focuses on theChrysanthemum Feast to create a unique brand of folk custom in Dayushu Town featuring chrysanthemum culture.

    Shenjiaying Town

Shenjiaying Town, the eastern gate of Yanqing County, was prestigious as the First Town to Go Outside, with a time-honored culture valuing traditional virtues.Historical sites like ancient tombs of Shang and Zhou Dynasties and ancient temples of Qing Dynasty are found in the town.The townhas Hebei bangzi Opera Troupe and "Nine Bends Yellow River Lantern Matrix" which has been passeddown for a century. Shangxia Garden is where Emperor Renzong of Yuan was born. Shenjiaying Town boastssix hundred-year-old trees, Longqing Valley Countryside Forest Park, Guihe River Wanmu Forest Park, Swan Lake and Beijing Longwan International Camping Park. Shenjiaying Town vigorously develops modern leisure and sightseeing agricultureandsets up industrial parks of considerable scale incorporating four seasons grape picking, hundred-chrysanthemum garden, and vegetable and Chinese herbal medicine planting. Sweet Potato Feast and Spring PancakeFeastare renowned far and wide.

    Jingzhuang Town

The villages in Jingzhuang Town were generally built in Ming Dynasty. Of the many historic sites in the town, Liugou Ancient City (also known as Phoenix City), with research and ornamental values, was among the fifth group of Cultural Relics in Yanqing County under State Protection. Jingzhuang, the inheritance base of Hanchuan(a model boat used as a stage prop in some folk dances) culture, was named as the "Birthplace of Hanchuan". Planting industry based on corn, fruit, Chinese herbal medicine and rose, breeding industry based on chicken and milk cow, and country tourismbased on Liugou "Phoenix City-Blazing Pan-Tofu Feast" are three leading industries of Jingzhuang.

    Qianjiadian Town

As National 4A Level Scenic Spot, core area of World Geological Park and one of the best routesof Beijing self-driving tour, Qianjiadian Town is going to build itself into a One Hundred Li Landscape Gallery, integrating itself into the beautiful landscape .

    Sihai Town

Sihai Town is the economic center of the Siji Huahai Valley Area. Of the many historic sites in Sihai Town, the existing ones include Sihai City in Ming Dynasty, Tile Kiln Relics, Jiuyanlou Great Wall, the point where inner and outer Great Walls meet, "Ying Cheng" relics, and "Tianmen Guan" Cliff with inscriptions.

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