Ecological and Cultural Characteristics in 15 Townships in Yanqing

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    Xiangying Village

Xiangying Village is avillage of fruit. It has apricotin Xinzhuangbao, grapein Xiangying and apple gardens in,, Heiyukou and Qujiayao. Xiangying Village boastssplendid cultural resources:Ruins of Jinyang Temple,the royal temple in Liao Dynasty; Balidun and Shilidun, Beacon Towers in Ming Dynasty;Great Wall ruins of Ming Dynasty; ancient weapons discovered in Yunpangou; and a boundary stone erected in the 3rd year of Emperor Yongzheng of Qing Dynasty in the west walls of Baihebao Reservoir. Main natural landscapes include Jinyang Mountain which is known as "Miaoxiang Ling", and Baihebao Reservoir, reputed as "Yanshan Tianchi".

    Liubinbao Village

Liubinbao, with its flower industry developing rapidly, is the village of jujube. The village is the starting pointof "Siji Huahai" Valley and the important junctionof "One Hundred Li Landscape Gallery". The Valley area plays a vital economic role.

    Zhenzhuquan Village

Zhenzhuquan Village is an important part of Siji Huahai, boastingZhuquan Penyu Theme Park, Liuxiang Valley Herb Garden and Pianshi Flower Park. Tourist attractions like Zhuquan Penyu ThemePark, Liuxiang Valley Herb Garden, Pianshi Flower Park, Caishitan Wetland Park, and Qixian Ridge have beenbuilt. "Zhu Quan Pen Yu"sight is among the Eight Ancient Scenic Spots in Yanqing.

    Dazhuangke Village

Dazhuangke Villagehas rich tourism resources. Natural landscapes in the area include Lianhuashan Forest Park and Shuangxiufeng Scenic Area; humanistic landscapes include Longquanyu Ancient Great Wall, oldsite of Chang Yan United County Government in Piposhi Village, and Shatanggou Village , the first revolutionary village in Pingbei. In 1938, the first rural Party branch was established in Pingbei in Shatanggou Village, and hence the name "First Revolutionary Village in Pingbei" came into being. Reputedas the "Hometown of Fruit", the village boastsrich forest and fruit resources, including chestnut, walnut, almond,Chinese hawthorn, toona sinensis andunilocular crateva. Now the construction of Glacier Valley Industrial Zone is in planning stage.

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