Ecological Yanqing —A Garden of the Capital City

  • offcial website of Beijing Expo 2019 2016-03-28 09:29:29

    -Elm Forest by Huang Jin of the Yuan Dynasty

Historically serving as the capital of five dynasties, Yanqing boast the brilliance of the sun and the moon on mountains and the long history of castles. Today, with mountains as its back and peaks muscles and bones, it has rosy clouds surrounding green billows. Azure rivers and lakes set peaks off and a mass of blossoms bring a romantic scene. Mountains extending continuously and the view of lakes and hills create wonderful scenery.

The strategy of ecological county enables Yanqing natives to boldly fly their dreams, while the green and ecological home fills the life with poetic flavor. Yanqing, with its good ecological environment irradiating beautiful youth, attracts a sea of people. Bearing Yanqing in their mind, they praise that the "ecological Yanqing is as pleasant as a picture."

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