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    Broad Water Surface in Fog-Guanting Reservoir

Magnificent Guanting Reservoir is lying between verdant gorges at Guanting. A dazzling pearl, Guanting Lake is born. After the completion of Guanting Reservoir in 1954, party and state leaders, such as Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping once came to inspect here. Guo Moruo once left the line "fishes are visible in Guanting Reservoir, and hills are verdant on both sides of the lake".

The reservoir is more than 40 kilometers long from east to the west. From north to south, its widest part is 7 kilometers, and the narrowest part is 1.5 kilometers. Its total capacity is 4.16 billion cubic meters with the total basin of 43,400 square kilometers. In recent years, Yanqing County, through the implementation of comprehensive management project of water and soil conservation on the upper reaches of Guanting Reservoir, has effectively improved the ecological environment and water quality of the Source Protection Zone of Guanting Reservoir. The reservoir surface is open, rippling, gold and bright under the sun and calm, known as "Bright Pearl beyond the Great Wall".

Guanting Reservoir is the source of Yongding River in Haihe River water system. The confluence of Sangganhe River and Yanghe River forms Yongding River which flows into Guanting Reservoir from the northwest; and Yanqing's mother river, Gui River, flows into Guanting Reservoir from the east via the wild duck wetland.

There are small islands in the lake, such as Moon Island and Woniu Island. On the south side of the reservoir, there is a steep rocky shore and a fine sandy beach, garden and wine chateau are built along the shore. It has gradually become a new choice for vacation, and more and more people spend the relaxing and pleasant leisure time here.

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