For Ecological Civilization, Education Marches First

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When talking about environment, ecological civilization construction starts from planting trees, while it starts from education when human mind is concerned. The ecological civilization education lays the foundation for the future.

    Quality-oriented Education

"Hundred years' strategy bases on education". With "setting up a scientific quality concept, implementing quality-oriented education" as its educating theme, and "transforming the education development pattern, changing ways of teaching and learning" as a main line, Yanqing education focuses on people-oriented, comprehensive development and quality training, making efforts to promote educational equality and harmony, creating school brand according to "montanic mode, river area mode, and urban mode" of education, and realizing the unifying pattern of education by arranging secondary schools, primary schools, vocational schools, adult schools and kindergartens in a rational way. Yanqing education has built up the high quality junior middle schools and standardized primary schools. The school conditions of primary and middle schools all meet the standard, together with the implementation of School Safety Project;The educational foundation was greatly improved. The education of Yanqing becomes more outstanding that competes in splendor.

    Featured Education

Schools developed colorful school-based courses in accordance with geographical characteristics, teachers' advantages and students' features, which play a great complementary role in the teaching and learning of national and local curriculum. For example, Fly the Hope, a career planning and school-based course in Yanqing No.1 Middle School; Pen Sketch from Yanqing No.4 Middle School;Paper Pulp Paintingand Achieve the Dream from Xiangying School; Bamboo Horse and Paper-Cutfrom Yongning School-all these rich and varied school-based curriculum promote the development of students' personalities.

    Ecological Civilization Education

Ecological civilization construction should be carried out right from the education of the kids. The ecological civilization education runs through the process of Yanqing education, from kindergarten to secondary school. Two sets of high quality local textbooks: Ecological Environment Readers of Primary and Middle School Students in Yanqing County, and Guichuan Culture. The textbooks can be recycled, and they're integrated into the regional development strategy concept. The two sets contain ecological, historical, geographical, and cultural knowledge of Yanqing. What's more, the textbooks emphasis on students' practice, the development of their ecological awareness, their love of hometown and the determinationto hometown construction.

The ecological civilization education school activities are effectively promoted in Yanqing. The ecological environmental education courses in primary and secondary schools within an area occupy 2% of the total number of class hours. Students' learning and practice of the environmental protection concepts and knowledge of environmental conservation reach 85%. The construction of ecological and civilized schools is realized through various means of publicity and education, in these ways guide teachers and students establish the concept of ecology and civilization. The building up of ecological civilized schools has got a scale of 60%.

Schools also establish mechanisms of rewards and punishments, award and recognize "Environmental Protection Young Guards", set up models to play exemplary roles. Schools also take World Water Day, International Environment Day, World Earth Day, World Wetlands Day, and other eco-Days as opportunities of eco-education, carry out universal practice of ecological education and volunteer service activities. Schools have been set up "Environmental Protection Volunteer Teams" and "Green Teams". Students reach out to families, communities and villages, organize lectures on environmental protection, clean the streets, get rid of the "white trash" and practice other similar activities. The ecological civilization concept thus becomes a part of life of young students.

"Ecological and Civilized Schoolyards" and "Ecological Education Featured Schools" style shows are also seen in Yanqing. Yanqing No.2 Kindergarten appeals to Children for recycling rejected materials and make into toys. Children then built up a colorful ecological museum, full of fancy ideas. Wastes are no long wastes, while developing children's practical ability, the ecological civilization concept has already penetrated into children's minds. Yanqing No. 4 Primary School also carried out many ecological civilization education and practice. Shangxinzhuang Science and Technology Administration Park achieved a profound publicity and education in primary and middle school students through "Hand in Hand" and other activities, making good use of Shangxinzhuang Soil and Water Conservation Science and Technology Demonstration Park. The park is regarded as one of the national primary and secondary school soil and water conservation education practice bases by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Water Resources.

    Yanqing No.1 High School: Enduring Great Hardships, Achieving Fruitful Glory.

Founded in 1956, Yanqing No.1 Middle School, after several changes through time, was eventually identified as "the first middle school in Yanqing County" in January 1998. And on April 7, 2004, it was identified as "Beijing Model Senior High School" by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.

Yanqing No. 1 High School is located in the Guishui River with beautiful scenery, covers a floor area of 83,511 square meters, and 37,295 square meters of structure area, including office building, classroom building, the science building, library, gymnasium, student dormitories, dining halls, and 400-meter track artificial turf athletic field. The school is well stocked with all kinds of modern teaching facilities: various types of laboratories, specialized classrooms, remote education classrooms, astronomical observatory, earthquake monitoring and forecasting group, hydroponic laboratories, plant tissue cultivated research laboratories; schoolyard broadcast system, and schoolyard television station. The conditions fully meet the students' cultural teaching and learning, art education, extra-curricular activities, community activities and other needs.

In Yanqing No.1 High School, the culture education keeps pace with quality education, and both have got outstanding achievements. The school has been successively awarded the "Traditional School Art Education in Beijing", "Beijing Science and Technology Activity Model School", "Beijing Schoolyard Demonstration School", "Beijing Green school", "Beijing Scientific and Research Experiments School", "Beijing Advanced Scientific and Research High School", "Outstanding National Research Experimental School", "Beijing Model High School", and other honorary titles.

In the 50 years of development, Yanqing No.1 High School has been working so hard, and now the glorious flowers turn into fruits: students from Yanqing No.1 High School now contribute their values everywhere in the world. In the 50 years, nearly 1,000 faculty members have been working here, and cultivated more than 30,000 junior and high school graduates, and delivered more than 7,000 college students for colleges and universities. Yanqing No.1 High School has accumulated rich cultural heritage and a wealth of experience within the eventful 50 years. The school not only has good tradition, but also created current brilliance. The future, of course, will be more splendid than ever.

    Yanqing No.2 Kindergarten: Thrift is a Virtue

The philosophy of Yanqing No.2 Kindergarten is "happy development", "all for children's happy life". Following the establishing concept of "ecology, environmental protection, thrift, and civilization", the kindergarten bases itself upon effective and distinctive ecological education.

Practicing strict economy becomes a virtue, low carbon and environmental protection becomes fashion. Environmental protection and energy saving signs can be seen in corridors, toilets, power switch, everywhere in the kindergarten. Children made water saving and no littering posters by themselves, the ecological concept of civilization, thrift, and environmental protection highlight everywhere. Teachers and children collected any usable waste materials together, developed hundreds of useful natural materials and waste materials, such as milk cartons, milk carton handles, chicken bones, wrapping paper, packaging, and so on. With creative use and ingenious ideas, all these materials are turned into beautiful works of art or toy materials that children use for assembling games. By making indoor and outdoor toys with waste materials, Yanqing No.2 Kindergarten saves nearly 10 thousand Yuan each year. It embodies an ecological wisdom, which is precious treasure of No. 2 Kindergarten, and it is also a beautiful landscape showing children's creativity.

Yanqing No. 2 Kindergarten integrated art education with ecological education, declared a national project Improve Children's Mental and Practice Ability through Making Good Use of Waste Natural Materials.Through systematic study, the kindergarten guided children learn to cherish natural resources, and turn wastes into treasure. Set up specialized art studios, open up production areas of seed paste, stone, yellow mud, bottles and cartons. Each class has its own features. Corn production, grass stalks paste, paper cutting, eco-fashion show, etc. all inspired children's artistic creativity and expression.

Ecological civilization education must be combined with practice. Yanqing No. 2 Kindergarten carried out a practical activity named Environmental Protection Starts from Me. To establish awareness of protecting and treating nature well, teachers brought children to Yingzezhou Community, Xiadu Square, Perfume Garden Park, and Park of Hundreds Spring. They positively disseminated to residents of the surrounding communities, and guided children to do things within their ability. They wipe clean the exercise equipment in the community, collect trash, make billboards, and put on eco-protection shows. What the children have done won the warm welcome from the residents, and contributed to community participation.

Thrift is a virtue. Ecological civilization education should be carried out right from the education of the kids. For years, Yanqing No. 2 Kindergarten insists on good tradition of thrift, low carbon, low power, and effective performance. It profoundly promote eco-environmental education, cultivating teachers' and children'scomprehensive quality of sustainable development, firmly setting up "Ecology, Thrift, Environmental Protection, and Civilization" concept in the kindergarten, and deeply root the idea of ecological civilization morality in children's mind.

Yanqing Vocational Education Center: Running Open Schools, Setting up New Community of Farmers' Education

Establishing a harmonious society and promoting cultural development and prosperity, rural areas are important, while difficult to carry out. New rural construction is not only to make farmers rich, the more important for farmers is to be happy, and achieving rural civilization. Yanqing Vocational and Technical Education Center identifies new farmers' qualifications and skills training and educational science and technological management as its main functions, "serving economy and issues of agriculture, farmers, and rural areas, running vocational education to the farmers satisfaction" as education concept. With vocational education as a leader, village adult schools as links, village schools as base, a three-level training network thus comes into form. The construction of farmer education community opens a new farmer education route that "skill training promotes wealth, culture serves for new agriculture, farmers, and rural areas".

Yanqing vocational education center referred to New Zealand's advanced teaching philosophy-"friendly use of brain", advocating a school mode of happy learning and open way of running schools. Combined with farmers' interests and needs, teachers teach the farmers through lively activities. In a relaxed and happy atmosphere, they disseminate knowledge and technology to farmers, cultivate and improve their quality.

Organizing farmer secondary school classes as a starting point, Yanqing Vocational Education Center carried out "Township Culture Engineering" Project to promote rural cultural construction, enhance farmers' overall quality, restore, inherit, and regenerate rural culture. The Art Secondary Classes realized the full coverage of the 15 townships of Yanqing County, and is quite popular among farmers.

As core of Yanqing farmer education and training, through various ways of farmer vocational cultivating, Yanqing Vocational Education Center cultivated a large number of new farmers who are well educated in culture, business and farming technology, which provided spiritual guarantees and intellectual support for Yanqing new countryside, and a basically perfect system of farmer training is thus constructed. A teaching model came into form, being influential in Beijing even the whole nation, and established a leadership in Beijing and national country education.