Modern Civilization and Lyrical Dwelling: Development of Ecological Civilization in Yanqing

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The regional functional orientation of Yanqing is to build itself into an Ecological Conservation Development Area as well as a demonstration zone of Green Beijing. Back in the mid 1980s, Yanqing was aware of its own ecological advantages. Based on this, Yanqing initiated the "Lengliang Strategy" and "Sandong Strategy". They were identified as "Strategy of Ecological Civilization", which has been followed up to now. Ecological civilization in Yanqing has made great achievements.

    "Lengliang Strategy"

Three Renewed Understandings: In 1985, a wide discussion was organized within the county by the Party Committee and Government of Yanqing County "For Yanqing people to gain a renewed understanding of themselves and a renewed understanding of the exterior; and for the exterior to gain a renewed understanding of Yanqing". On the basis of "Three Renewed Understandings", the Party Committee and Government of Yanqing County initiated the "Lengliang Strategy" in 1986. By making the most of the climate characteristics of Yanqing featuring "Cold Winter and Cool Summer", the change of thinking of turning disadvantages into advantages was realized. The implementation of "Lengliang Strategy" starts from tourism and agriculture.

    "Sandong Strategy"

    In 1996, the Party Committee and Government of Yanqing County analyze the situation and initiated the "Sandong" strategy of "Driven by Tourism, Led by Town and Promoted by Science and Education". The strategy was part of the "Ninth Five Year Plan" for national economic and social development of Yanqing County. Specifically it included the development of agriculture, industry, commerce, tourism and building trades, the construction of high-quality food base and beautiful tourist resort base, adherence to the policy of serving the capital and enriching people and building up the county, speeding up the adjustment of industrial structure, optimizing resource allocation and productivity layout, developing regional economy with the characteristics of Yanqing and promoting the construction of modern international tourism satellite city. In the Third Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress held in Yanqing County on February 2, the concept of "Beijing Summer Capital" was brought up for the first time.

    "Development Strategy of Ecological Civilization"

"Development strategy of ecological civilization" is the inheritance, development and innovation of "Lengliang Strategy" and "Sandong Strategy" under the new situation as well as a scientific decision that makes full use of the unique advantages of Yanqing. As the construction of ecological civilization advances and the idea of Green Development becomes distinct and clear, the ecological environment of Yanqing is greatly improved. A number of major ecological construction projects such as the "Four Ecological Corridors" are completed. With the rate of woody plant cover hitting 74%, the area has obviously improved the quality of water environment, and its air quality continues to rank top among all districts in Beijing. With mass ecological civilization building activities developing further, the area succeeds in becoming a "National Ecological County" and "National Sanitary County." It is entitled "National Green Model County" and "National Garden County". It is also a national demonstration area for the control of rural non-point source pollution, National Demonstration Zone in the Operation of ISO14000 Environmental Management System and National Pilot County of Ecological Civilization Construction. Yanqing's ecological civilization and development capabilities are further enhanced.

Now, on the basis of ecological civilization and environmental protection, Yanqing further puts forward the overall development goal of "Beautiful Yanqing". It spares no effort in creating stunning, pleasant landscapes such as "Siji Huahai" and "One Hundred Li Landscape Gallery", setting an example for the construction of beautiful Yanqing and an ecologically livable new town of international significance.

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