Valley Economy: Beautiful Scenery, Prosperous People

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    Valley Economy

Beijing mountainous area covers 10,400 square kilometers, 62% of the city's total area. Yanqing District occupies 1,994 square kilometers, with a mountainous area of 1,451 square kilometers, accounting for 73% of the total area of Yanqing District. The mountainous area is a natural green ecological protective screen of Beijing, the capital city. It is the place of water resources protection and the key region of sustainable development, the important support of ecological civilization in Beijing, the public holiday resorts and specialty agricultural supply base. But it is the most vulnerable area in economic and social development in Beijing as well. With the industrial transformation of Beijing, the ecological environment of the mountainous areas got improved and the demand of capital citizens for travel gradually increased.Farmers in mountainous areas then explored a way of valley economic development in line with their real conditions. As an ecological conservation development region of Beijing, Yanqing is no exception. Valley economy becomes its developing highlight, and plays a leading demonstrative effect.

Valley economy is an economic development mode in mountainous areas, which belongs to regional economy. With a natural valley as a unit, the industrial resources, natural landscape and cultural heritage within the unit are integrated. Mountains, streams, forests, fields, roads and village achieve unified planning with the industrial development to orderly build and achieve harmony between industrial development and ecological environment. The integration of agriculture, industry and service trade and the coordination of all aspects can effectively promote regional economic development.

Yanqing valley economic development relates to mountainous and mid-level mountainous areas, including 9 valleys of 15 towns, and forms two East, five South, one North, and one Middlevalley economic development spatial pattern(two East: Hundred-Mile Landscape Gallery, Flowers of All Seasons; one North: Yanqing Grape Wine Industry Zone; one Middle: Guihe River Ecological Creative Industry Zone; five South: Glacier Green Valley, Forest Oxygen-Bar, Badaling Great Wall Music Valley, Stone Canyon, Specialty Rural Tourism Industry Valley, Southern Mountain Immense Forests). The planning and construction of the nine valleys are advanced step by step and year by year based on the principle of "one year, one valley."

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