Valley Economy: Beautiful Scenery, Prosperous People

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Yanqing valley economy combines the natural advantages and policy support, industrial development and ecological environmental protection, landscape construction and prosperity of people. Its developing pattern is quite unique. Valley economy deeply integrates the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, including agriculture, flower industry, tourism, and other industries, which cover a wide range. There are both natural landscape and culture, with both local characteristics and international styles.Yanqing valley economic construction is also supported by six major projects: comprehensive environment improvement project, infrastructure and public facilities construction projects, ecological enhancement project, specialty industry construction and social investment projects, so as to ensure the smooth development of valley economic program.

    Flowers of All Seasons: Flowers and Plants Full of Fragrance

"Flowers of All Seasons" is one of the creative agriculture demonstration areas of Yanqing County.

The flowers stretch thousands of hectares. The natural scentedtea, the high quality seeds, the happy flower growers…all these are the beautiful portrayal of Yanqing "flower sea" valley. The Flowers of All Seasons Economic Belt is located in the east of Yanqing County, Caishi River basin, involving three townships: Liubinpu, Sihai, and Zhenzhuquan. The belt is 47 kilometers long, with a total area of 375 square kilometers.

In the valley, we can enjoybeautiful environment, fresh air and abundant water resources. There are Nine-Eye Chamber, Phoenix Mound, West Valley Primitive Secondary Forest, and other natural landscapes. There are also JadeSpring Spraying Pearl, Qixian Mountain and other historical and cultural relics.

The Flowers of All Seasons Economic Belt planned to build the three townships, Liubinpu, Sihai, and Zhenzhuquan into anurban modern ecological agricultural development district. The construction began in 2011. Within an area of375 square kilometers, a 50 kilometers flower landscape greenway around the rivers and roads was created, which is the most stunning one in North China. Thus a new countryside economic structurecame into being, with flower industry as its core, eco-tourism as a leading industry, and circularagriculture as the main economic characteristic. The comprehensive production value ofurban modern agriculture reaches 93.3 million yuan, the average output per acre is 4 times higher than traditional agriculture. Through consolidating resources and integrating projects, Yanqing focuses on the implementation of six projects such as the specialty valley industries, environmental management, and infrastructure, preliminarily exploresa valley economic development mode of "environmental view, flowery scenery, profitable landscape" of "Flowers of All Seasons".

Yanqing Flowers of All Seasons Economic Belt grows over 10 thousand acres of flowers, building up a large scale of flower sea landscape, and achievesa unity of enjoying flowery scenery and increasing people's income. When flowers are in bloom, it is greener and fresher over the mountains, and at the foot of the mountains, the blooming flowers compete for beauty. The orange marigolds are surrounded by the mountains, making the sky, the earth, and the surroundings seem all to bedyed golden. In the lily garden, different lily varieties with different colors bloomin elegance; In JadeSpring Spraying PearlGarden, purple lavenders, pink cleome spinosa, and ivory abelmoschus manihot bloom with well-proportioned layers. Ten thousandacres of flowers in ten flower industrial parks are all beautiful in full bloom, sending forth rich aroma everywhere.

Visitors and vehicles jostle each other in crowds appreciatingflowers in the valley. The observation deck on the top of the mountain seems to have become an ideal spot for photographers. With the growing size of flower industry and development, flower industry in the "Flowers of All Seasons" valley also transformsfrom single flower planting and admiringand primary products selling to fine and profound processing. In this way the added value of products is greatly improved, and the maximum economic benefit of flower industry is achieved.

    "Flowers of All Seasons" creative agriculture demonstration zone is the focus of Yanqing valley projects. The creative agriculture demonstration zone triesto construct the high-end leisure industry area by building a spatial layout of "one center, two lines, six gardens, nine points". At present, the flower planting scale is further expanded. Tenflower industrial parks are builtwithin the 47-kilometer-long valley, creating a stunning flower landscape. Meanwhile, the flower industry research center, seed and seedling base, wild flower resource garden and other park construction projects are actively promoted. In addition, the construction of Nine-Eye Chamber, Phoenix MoundJadeSpring Spraying Pearl, Qixian Mountain and other scenic spotsare further improved.

    Flower industry is the carrier of Flowers of All Seasons creative agricultural demonstration zone. On the basis of improvingpublic service facilities and strengthening environmental integration, Yanqing constantly promotes the integrative development of flower planting, processing, and leisure tourism industry,builds up the Flowers of All Seasons Valley Ecological High-end Leisure Sightseeing Industrial District, and realizes the vision of "flowers benefit people, welcome guests, winfame and raise the valley".

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