Valley Economy: Beautiful Scenery, Prosperous People

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    Landscape Gallery: Looming Green Hills, Murmuring Green Streams

    The advantaged landscape of Yanqing has brought development opportunities for farmers of new era. The extended green mountains, the vertical and horizontal canyons, and the tranquil streams provide opportunities to the simple villagers who are born and grow here. The Hundred-Mile Landscape Gallery is the mostoutstanding site. Located in the northeast of Yanqing County, Qianjiadian Town is the core of Yanqing ecological conservation development district. The total area of Qianjiadian is 371 square kilometers, 40 kilometers from the county and 110 kilometers from the urban area. To the east, it is adjacent to Huairou District, to the north, it borders with Chicheng County in Hebeiprovince, and the three townships, Xiangying, Liubinpu, and Zhenzhuquan are respectively to its southwest and northwest. Luanchi, Huaqian and Huasha Roads run through the town and form a loop line, which was ratedas the top 10 best self-driving tour lines in Beijing in 2007.The Hundred-Mile Landscape Gallery scenic spot has excellent ecological environment, rich in tourism resources, including the majestic White River Valley and magnificent Black River Canyon. It has also nurtured the amazing pertrified woods, graceful dripping waterfalls, mysterious Black Dragon Canyon, sacredChaoyang Temple, ancient Guan Yu Temple and the lush Big Beach Secondary Primitive Forests. The landscapes change along with the change of seasons, making it a genuine summer resort and green oxygen bar. Currently there are 18 "Mountain and River Houses"-the rural tourism villages, among whichare Xiushui Bay, Long-Life Mount, Ancient House Kiln (Gujia Yao), Xia Wan, and some other villages. There are also geological and cultural landscapes: Junior Kunlun Mount, One Thousand AcresSunflower Sea, TenThousand Acres Tea Garden, Yanshan Academy, and such. In July 2011, a large number of fossils of dinosaur footprints were discovered in the valley, about 150 million years from now, which is the world's only dinosaur record found in a capital.

    The green mountains portrayno ink paintings that reveal forever, the murmuring streams flow like stringsthat give eternaltones. With the constructionof Landscape Gallery, the development goals of "turning agriculture into tourism industry, villages into rural landscape park, and villagers into gardeners" are gradually achieved. The blue sky, the green water, the sunflower sea, the tea garden and the field landscape, with thick and heavy colors, attracted a lot of visitors. Urban and rural areasenjoy mutual markets, mutual resources and promote interaction and exchanges.

    Hundred-Mile Landscape Gallery Valley Economic Demonstrating District covers one sixth of the total area of Yanqing County. It's the combinationof ecological leisure, geological science, rural tourism and artistic creation, a true leisure resort and a natural oxygen bar. At present, with beautifulecological environment, integrated industry factors, and improvedtourism facilities, Yanqing County is actively promoting the construction of Hundred-Mile Landscape Gallery construction to 5A National Standard Tourist Attraction.On the basis of improvementand upgrading, the Hundred-Mile Gallery Landscape will be built intoa valley economic developmentmodelcombingtourism, relaxation, health preserving, and science popularity.

    Flowers of All Seasons, a romantic vacationland that interprets flower culture; Hundred-Mile Landscape Gallery, a site in which people can feel the witty mountains and waters, refresh themselves and get healthier. The two valleys are just like two beautiful pieces of territory, forming a circular valley economy industrial zone in the mountainous areas of east Yanqing County.

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