Valley Economy: Beautiful Scenery, Prosperous People

  • offcial website of Beijing Expo 2019 2016-03-29 09:11:15

    Glacier Green Valley, Forest Oxygen-Bar

    After the successful construction of Hundred-Mile Landscape Gallery Valley and Flowers of All Seasons Valley, in 2013, Yanqing launched another featured valley-the Glacier Green Valley, Forest Oxygen-Bar, which covers the whole Dazhuangke Village. The glacier green valley is a unique geological resource, dominated by glacial remnants. At the top of Lotus Hill, on the granite rocks, the tracesof glacier melting water can be seen everywhere. In Dazhuangke Village, the giant Moulin, 20 meters wide and 18 meters deep, was found. It makes for compelling geological scenery. The Glacier Green Valley, Forest Oxygen-Bar integratesall the advantaged resources in Dazhuangke Village, and is to be completed in two years, the focusof which is to improve the ecological environment,including the afforestation and beautification of the traffic roads on both sides of ChangChi Road and within the region, the scenic environment and the management of the rivers. The tourist facilities will also be simultaneously promoted.

    After the construction of Glacier Green Valley and Oxygen-Bar, there will be threevalleys connecting with each other, which will cover the entire east area of Yanqing County. Beautiful Yanqing is a place full of charming.The Hundred-Mile Landscape Gallery is picturesque, the Flowers of All Seasons is covered with blooming flowers of all kinds all the time,while the Glacier Green Valley and Oxygen-Bar add white and green colorsand brings a pure and elegant temperament to the county.

    Besides,the Guihe River Eco-Creative Industry Zone, Badaling Great Wall Music Valley, and Southern Mountain Immense Forests will be annually, orderly, and respectively planned and constructed. It is expected that till 2020 the construction of the 9 valleys will be fulfilled.

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