A Garden of the Capital City,Four Pleasant Seasons——Spring

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The scenery of beautiful Yanqing is cantabile, poetic and picturesque in all four seasons. Mountain flowers are in full bloom in spring, mountains are green with cool water in summer, serried woods are red in autumn and white snow gleams in winter. Due to the special geographic position, Yanqing is known as the "Summer Resort", and embraces ice and snow landscape of unique charm in winter. "Look at the landscape of northern China. The vast frozen land is covered with ice. And the snow flits far-flung in the sky. On both sides of the Great Wall, the boundless land is clad in white. The Yellow River's swift current is stilled from end to end. The mountains dance like silver snakes, and the highlands slither like huge wax elephants, trying to match the sky in height. On a fine day, the land, clad in white, adorned in red, grows more enchanting." "Snow-On the Pattern of Qinyuanchun" by Mao Zedong enjoys great popularity and becomes the best footnote of Yanqing's special winter scenery.

Mountain flowers are in full bloom in warm spring. In spring, Yanqing is surrounded by green mountains and blue rivers. With warm colors, the land is full of vigor. Mountain flowers gradually show up on mountains and buds secretly appear on the trees. Yanqing is an ideal place for enjoying flowers in a spring outing and a paradise for having a spring tour. Bike riding, outdoor development activities and hiking are extremely wonderful. It's also a great joy to watch birds on wetland, farm in the fields, pick in the greenhouse and experience folk customs.

1. Apricot Flowers Welcoming Spring - Yanqing Apricot Flower Festival

Go on an outing in the outskirts and appreciate flowers outdoors. All kinds of wild flowers blossom in a riot of color, decorating the hills of Yanqing in spring. Especially, from both sides of Xianglong Road to apricot tree base in Xinzhuangpu, pink or white apricot flowers of ten thousand mu contend in beauty and fascination. Bouquets of flowers are breathing out fragrance. In each April, Yanqing Apricot Flower Festival will begin in the apricot tree base in Xinzhuangpu in Xiangying Township and last until the first third of June. As the largest fresh edible apricot variety base in North China, the apricot tree base in Xinzhuangpu has over 120 apricot varieties like "Luotuohuang", "Honghebao", "Piantou", "Qingmisha", "Pingguobai", "Jianzuihong" and "Mituoluo" and about 200,000 mu of various apricot trees. In the blossom time, apricot flowers in the base are in full bloom to enhance each other's beauty. These colorful flowers here attract visitors to come in flocks, so it deserves to be called "Apricot Flower Village".

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