A Garden of the Capital City,Four Pleasant Seasons——Autumn

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"You should remember that the best time of a year is the very season when oranges turn yellow and tangerines green." In the golden autumn, the clear and bright sky, breezing wind, red leaves and reddened forests jointly create a pleasant scene of late autumn. In Guichuan, red leaves, green cypresses and colorful flowers constitute numerous splendid pictures, allowing the ancient town to present a new look.

Smelling Aroma and Listening to Wind—Splendor of Songshan (Pine Mountain)

Songshan, a national-level nature reserve, is located at Jundu Mountain, Yanshan Mountains. Featuring typical mountain climate, this area has an annual average temperature of about 7℃ and thus is a good resort for summer holidays in Beijing. The natural Chinese pine (Pinus tabulaeformis) forest here is an only well-preserved natural Chinese pine forest in North China. The pine forest occupies 170 hectares in area and most trees are around 80 to 360 years old. Climbing up along the ridge, you will come across the ancient "King of Pines", the "Winding Dragon Pine" with peculiar trunks, the "Ground Pine" growing on the cliffs and other amazing century-honored pines. If there is a wind, rounds of sough can be heard and may sink you into endless thoughts.

Both animals and plants are abundant here. Mountains, water, stones and forests all manifest their unique features of magnificence, tranquility, ruggedness, grotesque and beauty. Everything here is immersed in vitality, such as luxuriant trees, murmuring streams, singing birds and so on. In the reserve, there are quite a few amazing natural scenic spots: Three Cascades of Waterfall, Flying Dragon Wall, Mandarin Duck Rock, Pine Moon Lake, Natural Chinese Pine Forest, etc. Looking at the Pine Mountain from afar, you will feel its majesty, while taking a closer look, you will capture its essence. Immersed in the process of understanding the connotation from the apprearance and cultivating the sentiment by relaxing the mind, you will feel as if you were in a picture, a poem or a fairyland.

The Pine Mountain is a large natural oxygen bar full of negative oxygen ions. No matter walking, resting or picnicking in the forest, you will feel totally relaxed and be free of fatigue by enjoying the unique and fantastic forest bath, and experience the tranquility and easiness that can seldom be found in the bustling cities as well. The hot spring here has been famous since ancient times. According to the written records, hot springs were built for maids to take a bath as early as the Northern Wei Dynasty. Li Daoyuan, a famous geographer at the time, recorded in his Notes to the Classic of Rivers, "On the mountain, there is a memorial temple; to the right of it, there is a pool of hot spring capable of curing various diseases", which proves the medical function of the hot spring. People in Qing Dynasty praised Songshan (Pine Mountain) as "a good place for relaxation", "a holy land for health care". Thanks to a pleasant water temperature of 45℃ and 27 elements (kalium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, etc.) contained in the water, Songshan Hot Spring attracts tens of thousands of visitors to enjoy the healthy bath every year.

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