A Garden of the Capital City,Four Pleasant Seasons——Autumn

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Scenery in the Great Wall—Unsurpassed Beauty

Located between Juyong Pass and Badaling, Badaling National Forest Park occupies 2,940 hectares in total area. The average altitude here is 750 m and the highest Qingshui Peak has an altitude of 1,238 m. With abundant animal and plant resources, this Park is also China's first ecological public-welfare forest zone that has passed the international certification FSC.

Badaling National Forest Park can hold back the steps of spring, being the last place enjoying spring in Beijing every year. In the mountain forest, various plants stretches their delicate branches and buds, while the pervasive slightly-colored apricot flowers demonstrate the ultimate beauty as the verse depicts, "When the flowers in the capital city begin to wither, the flowers on the mountains begin to blossom."

In the hot summer, you can just come to the forest by the Great Wall to relax yourself in green, coolness and tranquility. Badaling National Forest Park in summer also has the most fragrant valley in Beijing—Lilac Valley where there is a largest scale of natural syringa reticulata in North China, more than 700 mu in area and 20,000 in number. Differing from the common lilac, the tall syringa reticulata has strong fragrance and thus has been known as "Banyan of Western Sea". It not only symbolizes the blessing of Buddhism, but also represents the happiness of love, thus being praised as "Flower of Love" and "Tree of Happiness".

Ancient Great Wall shining in red leaves is a fantastic view of Badaling National Forest Park. Red Leaf Hill is the earliest and most beautiful red leaf-viewing park in the autumn of Beijing, occupying nearly 1,000 mu in area and boasting over 50,000 smoke trees and maples. If you come to the Red Leaf Hill during the end of September to the beginning of November, the best time to view red leaves in Beijing, you will be blown away by the astonishingly beautiful picture of layers of colored forests and never want to leave.

"Looking around the Great Wall, you can only see the vast white snow and the broad Yellow River losing its vigor of roaring waves." If you come here in winter, you will appreciate a totally different scene covered with endless white snow. A magnificent beauty will be presented in front of you the moment you step on the Dragon-Viewing Hill. From the north to the east, Badaling Great Wall and Water Pass Great Wall zigzag like a flying dragon, appearing sometimes and disappearing after a while. With the splendor of "waving silver snakes and running white elephants", this Dragon-Viewing Hill is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy the whole sight of Badaling Great Wall and Water Pass Great Wall.

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