Protective Management for Ecological Environment

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Prevention and Control of Solid Waste Pollution

The main solid wastes in need of prevention and control in Yanqing include household garbage, medical refuse, poisonous solid wastes and agricultural solid residues. The corresponding projects for eliminating solid wastes and controlling pollution are Urban Sludge Treatment Project in Yanqing County, Integrated Garbage Treatment Project in Yanqing County, Classified Collection of Municipal Solid Wastes, Construction Project of Resource Utilization and Harmless Treatment System, Research Project of Feasibility of Building a Waste Incineration Plant in Yanqing County and Demonstration Project of Rural Garbage Reduction and Resource Utilization.

Yanqing has positively facilitated the classified collection, resource utilization and harmless treatment of garbage. It has also championed the efforts to promote the cleaning production technology and build the recycling economy system, thus minimizing the material consumption and refuse generation in the relevant process. Besides, it has set up and improved the garbage classification and recycling system to realize the reuse of resources. In 2009, the comprehensive utilization rate and harmless treatment rate of industrial solid wastes and boiler ashes reached 100% and the goal of pollution prevention for the “12th Five-Year” was “Keeping the Record”; the comprehensive utilization rate of crop straws reached 80%; the comprehensive utilization and harmless treatment rate of animal dung reached 99%; the timely removal and harmless treatment rate of municipal solid wastes exceeded 95% and the resource utilization rate reached 60%.

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