Protective Management for Ecological Environment

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“Four Ecological Corridors”: Green Mountains Stretch for Thousands of Miles, Green Water Girds the Town

“Green mountains bar the northern wall, white water girds the eastern town).” Yanqing built Guihe River Ecological Corridor, Buffer Zone of Guanting Reservoir, Beishan Sightseeing Zone for Ecological Tourism and Downstream Forest Corridor of Longqing Gorge—the four high-quality ecological products—for the purpose of reducing pollution, conserving water resources, beautifying the environment and promoting the green development and making itself become an ecological paradise with blue sky, clear water and splendid mountains.

From Yanqing Fertilizer Bridge in the west to Yongning Shengshiying Village in the east and divided by the southern and northern Binhe Roads, Guihe River Ecological Corridor plays an important role in the high-level ecological construction and landscape reformation of Guihe River and Sanlihe River and provides an ecological scene with unique features and a rest space for enjoying the nature, thus contributing to the magnificent landscape constituted by exuberant forests, glistening water, as well as vibrant fields and gardens.

Buffer Zone of Guanting Reservoir was built to carry out the ecological construction to the buffer area of 21,000 mu between the maximum water level of Guanting Reservoir and the actual water level all year round as per four functional zones: Wetland Landscape, Ecological Protection, Ecological Management and Natural Recovery, so as to create the ecological landscape at the buffer zone and form a green screen in the northwest Yanqing.

From Ancient Cliff Dwelling in the west to Liubinbao Village in the east, trees were planted at the both sides of two tourist routes—Gulong Road and Xianglong Road—to develop the leisure and sightseeing agriculture and connect the scenic spots along the way, which gave rise to the Beishan Sightseeing Zone for Ecological Tourism. In the Zone, the wasteland was used to develop an economic orchard featuring grapes, apricots, apples and jujubes and built as a sightseeing orchard, which enriched the content of leisure tourism and benefited the farmers.

From 2002 to 2008, a comprehensive treatment was conducted to the abandoned beach of 16,000 mu in four phases, which effectively brought the dust pollution under control, rendered the wasteland into the beautiful natural ecological landscape—Downstream Forest Corridor of Longqing Gorge and protected the largest water source area in Yanqing.

The four ecological corridors of Yanqing not only provide the scenic beauty but also bring about wealth for the people. Creating a forest county, beautifying the environment and enriching the people, the four ecological corridors have become a broad road leading Yanqing farmers to make their own fortunes.

Caijiahe: Flowery Winding Brook, Caijiahe Small Watershed after the Colorful Forest Treatment

Caijiahe Watershed was the only land lot with more than 10,000 mu in area in Beijing Plain Afforestation Project in 2012 and was designed to create a Flowery Winding Brook and a Colorful Forest against ranges of green mountains and based on the winding rivers. It created the naturally-magnificent, large-scale forest landscape by setting the time-honored smoke tower, frog-croaking paddy field, picturesque Mazhuang Village and romantically-elegant vineyard in a forest with 10,000 mu in area. Flowery Winding Brook is an important wetland ecological scene in Caijiahe Plain Afforestation Project. As the name indicates, Flowery Winding Brook refers to a flowery brook with diversified scenes and distinctive features formed in the broad space under the green forest. Along the Caijiahe Ecological Water System, this Brook creates an effect diagram of Yanqing atmospheric environment improvement in wildness. There is also tasteful aquatic plant landscape with diversified summer flowers, including over 20 categories of flowering shrubs, such as mountain peach, crabapple, cornus alba, etc., over 10 categories of ground cover plants, such as dandelion, Chinese violet, coronilla varia, etc. and over 6 categories of aquatic plants, such as loosestrife, scirpus tabernaemontani, aloe, water-garden iris, etc.

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