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Wild Duck Lake in the Morning Photographed by He Xudong

"People not merely support their own parents and children, but allow all the aged to enjoy their later life, all the middle-aged give full play to their talent and all the children grow up healthily, and make it possible for those in need of help, no matter the persons who lost their partners, parents or children, or who are physically disabled or suffering from diseases, will be sustained by the society." It depicts the ideal vision of the ancients about a world of universal harmony and meanwhile, represents the significance of conceiving a "Chinese Dream" and building a harmonious society in China; to forge a better city for better life. The true meaning of beautiful Yanqing is contained in life. To be a real beautiful, livable and sustainable destination, Yanqing must build itself into a place with social harmony and stability where people live and work in peace and contentment, having access to hospitals and schools, earning income through work and being looked after properly when getting aged.

I Specialties in Guichuan

"Brazier Pot Performance" for Heat-Escaping FestivalPhotographed by Liu Haixia

Located at the transitional zone between North China Plain and Inner Mongolian Plateau, Yanqing has a distinctive catering culture and living habit resulting from the integration between agricultural civilization and nomadic civilization, collision between royal manner and folk wisdom as well as mutual reference between native tradition and foreign culture.

According to the relevant historical materials, the catering custom of Yanqing can date back to 500 years ago at least and, due to the influence of multi-ethnic culture, it has typical features of northern diet. Yanqing cuisine can mainly be divided into four types: home style dishes elaborately made out of common food materials, festival repast with higher specification, celebration banquet that emphasizes grand manner as well as varieties of snacks. All contribute to the unique catering culture of Yanqing area.

In general, influenced by diversified cultures, Yanqing cuisine features green, abundance, delicacy and nutritiousness. Yanqing cuisine adopts natural, eco-friendly and nuisanceless food materials. Food additives or industrial pigments are not used in cooking and less edible oil, salt, sugar and other condiments are used; thus, it is preferred by customers. For the food materials, the locally-produced nuisanceless grains, vegetables and domestic animal products are chosen. For example, in the famous dish—Stewed Chicken with Mushrooms, the chicken comes from the free-ranging chickens fed with grains and vegetables; mushrooms are picked from the mountains and dried naturally in the sun, and thus totally free from contamination; eggs are from free range chickens and wild vegetables are growing naturally in the fields. The abundant meals in Yanqing are closely related to the simple folk custom of the region. If there is a guest, the natives would take out all they have to carefully prepare meals or banquets only for entertaining the guest in a proper way. Taking Banquet 88 (usually for weddings) in Yanqing for example, it is well-known for 9 or 12 cold dishes, 8 small bowl dishes and 8 large bowl dishes. As for the Brazier Pot in Liugou Village, customers can add food to the pot according to their own preferences; in addition, there are a dozen of cold, assorted and hot dishes as well as at least ten kinds of staple food. Each kind of staple food is served in a small amount and can be added if more is needed, which can not only meet the demands of customers, but also reduce waste. With abundant food, cheap price and unique flavor, this Brazier Pot has attracted a large number of city people to come for the dainties. Color, fragrance and flavor should be equally emphasized for food, that is, the color should look fancy and the fragrance can arouse appetite. In Assorted Soup with Cooked Millet, the small dough drops look like pearls, and people in Beijing call it Ant Egg Soup. In Steamed Corn Bread with Vegetables featuring thin wrapper and heavy stuffing, corn flour is used for the wrapper. To make Chinese Style Baked Pancake (Tan Huang), millet flour and fine corn flour are watered and stirred into paste; after the fermentation, the paste is baked on the griddle into soft and fragrant thin pancake; in the middle of the pancake, bean stuffing is added, and then the pancake is folded into a semicircle. The brown semicircle looks like a half moon, thus it is also called Moonlike Pancake (Yue Liang Huang). In 2010, Yanqing Xinfeng Hotel took "Small Baked Pork Bun" to Shenyang to participate in the national competition organized by China Hotel Association and won the "Golden Tripod Award". Before the reform and opening-up, coarse grains were the main food and there was little subsidiary food such as meat, eggs, milk, etc.; but Yanqing people were seldom found in maldevelopment, which was related to their careful cooking for the nutritional requirement of the families. Some Yanqing natives could even make more than 20 kinds of staple food with corn flour. Nowadays, Yanqing people stress more on healthy diet with less salt and oil, proper mix between meat and vegetables, fine vegetables and wild vegetables as well as dilute soup and thick soup. The meals are not only delicious but also nutritious.

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