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(1) Brazier Pot, Tofu Banquet

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Inheriting the ancient catering culture of Yanqing, Brazier Pot in Liugou Village has its own features. To celebrate Chinese Spring Festival, every household in Liugou sets up the Brazier Pot to express the good wishes for a better life in the future. All family members, the old or the young, sit around the table to enjoy the reunion dinner—"Brazier Pot"—on New Year's Eve. Until today, the Brazier Pot still keeps displaying its cultural glamour in this ancient city and attracting people nearby or afar to savor the dishes for their natural flavor.

The special cuisine "Brazier Pot—Tofu Banquet" has rich cultural connotation: one main pot—Brazier Pot—symbolizes the booming life (like a fire); three auxiliary pots and three large bowls represent that the good luck is drawing near ("three" in Chinese means a good beginning); eight cold dishes, i.e., the sensonal dishes, show eight different dainties; and six kinds of staple food, i.e., Fried Mix of Mashed Potato and Oat Flour (Chao Kui Lei), Steamed Corn Bread (Wo Wo Tou), Fried Chop Rice Cake (Lv Da Gun), Fried Red Bean Cake (Hong Dou Zha Gao), Deep-Fried Dough Cake (You Bing) and Steamed Potato Chip Bun (Tu Dou Bing Nian Mo Mo), indicate smooth development ("six" in Chinese represents evertything going well).

Performance in the Tofu Culture Festival of Yanqing

Brazier is a traditional warming appliance in northern villages of China. To set a banquet, a table is placed on a heatable adobe platform; a brazier is then put on the table and charcoal is lighted; and lastly, an earthen pot is put on the brazier. "In the past, the brazier was used to warm the shabby house against the cold, express the care to the parents and create an enjoyable family atmosphere, while nowadays, the brazier is used to stew tofu and cook various dainties for both hosts and guests afar." Today's Liugou Tofu belongs to "Firm Tofu" and is made from mixed beans in mountainous region, sweet well water and homebrewed sour soup. With fine-grained texture, grease-like appearance, fine color and delicate flavor, Liugou Tofu proves its own quality among all kinds of "Firm Tofu". In addition, due to the difference in selection of food materials, three kinds of tofu respectively in yellow, black and green colors can be made, and they are collectively named "Three-Color Tofu". They can show better effects in improving health if being eaten together.

Apart from the tofu with the effects of tonifying spleen and reinforcing stomach, clearing heat and moistening dryness and the Chinese cabbage with high nutritive value, another indispensable food for the Brazier Pot is Liugou Bacon. Liugou Bacon is tender in meat quality, mellow in flavor, fat but not greasy, and the lean meat is not prone to be stuck in teeth. It is not only unique in flavor, but also rich in nutrition, capable of whetting the appetite, eliminating the cold, aiding digestion, etc. Mixed with Chinese cabbage and tofu, it can not only retain the tender taste of the bacon, but also get rid of the greasiness; meanwhile, it can supplement the Chinese cabbage and tofu with a bit of grease, thus making this Brazier Pot—Tofu Banquet tastes smoother and more delicious, and becomes healthier.

The "Brazier Pot—Tofu Banquet" has won the awards of "Top Ten Creations for Beijing Suburban New Rural Construction" and "Top Ten Golden Farm Dishes in Beijing Suburb", and Liugou Village, a place well-known for the "Brazier Pot—Tofu Banquet", even launched the Liugou Tofu Culture Festival accordingly to entertain the guests afar. "Willow Liquor", a kind of liquor specially served for the rural tourism of Liugou ("liu" in Chinese means "willow"), also has a distictive flavor; moreover, Liugou was named "The Most Beautiful Village in Beijing". Rural tourism has gradually become a key player for the economic growth of this 400-year-honored ancient city as well as the "Card of Yanqing, Brand of Beijing Suburb and the Famous Village of China".

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