A Splendid Summer, Resort for Recreation

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II Home for Tourism

Yanqing County has 96 accommodation service units of all types in total (exclusive of bath centers and folk residences), including 18 star-rated hotels (1 four-star hotel, 5 three-star hotels, 10 two-star hotels and 1 one-star hotel) and 78 other types of hotels (42 hotels similar to holiday resorts, guest houses, training centers, etc. and 36 family-style hotels). In these accommodation service units, there are 9,109 beds (5,151 beds in the star-rated hotels) in total, 12,515 seats and 3,206 employees.

Shengshiyuan Hotspring Hotel is located at the center of Yanqing County, occupying more than 37,000 m2 in area. Built with marble and decorated with jade, it specializes in cuisine, business and travel, conferences, entertainment, health care and vacation. This hotel has over 200 suits of medium and high-grade apartments, capable of providing multi-functional conference centers for 20 to 1,200 people and is an ideal place for officials and teams to hold trainings, meetings and negotiations. It has over 30 grand banquet halls as well.

Jinyu Badaling Spa Resort occupies 300 mu in area, through which the beautiful Guihe River flows. It has a green blanket-like lawn with an area of 30,000 m2 and neighbors Jiangshuiquan Wetland Park which occupies 500 mu in area. Due to the distant mountains and water nearby, the content of negative oxygen ions in the air of this place is as high as 6,800 per cubic meters. The hot spring originates from 2,000 meters underground with the temperature reaching 54℃. The spring has fine water quality and is rich in minerals and microelements, such as fluorine, sulphur, ferrum, silicon, etc., thus having a special function in health care and skin care. The distinctive SPA paradise with 6,000 m2 in area includes 32 interior and outdoor spa pools. The Resort is also equipped with over 20 conference rooms and multi-functional halls in different scales as well as advanced conference facilities like the simultaneous interpretation system, capable of receiving professional meetings from home and abroad.

Zhongyin Hotel has magnificent buildings, complete facilities and advanced equipment. It provides more than 130 middle and high grade guest rooms and economic three-bed rooms, dining halls in different styles and scales which can accommodate 700 people simultaneously and conference centers with complete facilities for 20 to 400 people.

Badaling Huafeng Hot Spring Castle (affiliated with China Meteorological Administration) is a three-star international hotel in European architectural style, providing services concerning dining, living, touring, recreation and physical fitness. It is the reception unit designated by central state organs and Beijing Municipal party and government organizations to hold conferences and an ideal place for meetings, recreation and vacation as well. This hotel provides guest rooms of different types and grades, such as standard rooms, single rooms, apartments, suites, villas, etc., capable of accommodating 400 people at one time. Equipped with a dozen of conference rooms of different types for less than 400 people, it can meet the demand of meetings in different scales and forms.

Beijing Happy Holiday Hotel features luxurious and elegant European buildings, occupying 160,000 m2 in area. Five different style buildings provide 880 suites of rooms with different grades for customers. The club with an area of some 8,000 m2 can be used for dining, recreation and conference. It has 9 conference rooms in different scales and the large lecture hall can accommodate 400 people simultaneously with complete conference facilities such as projectors, DVDs, stereo systems, etc., suitable for companies to organize outward bounds, display products, hold group trainings and have all types of meetings.

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