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Green, Healthy, and Pollution-free: Yanqing’s Geographical Indication of Organic Agriculture

The development mode of Yanqing's organic agriculture is “driven by leader, based on industry amalgamation, supported by government, and with farmer as the principal part”. Moreover, the mode emphasizes brand construction. Since 2005 up to now, Yanqing’s organic circular agriculture has formed brand advantage and radiation effect. Breeding stock of Deqingyuan Chicken Farm reaches up to 3.5 million, ranking first in Asia. Lüfulong Olympic Vegetable Base supplied 40% vegetables to the core areas during Olympic Games. Green Yard Organic Milk is the first organic milk product in China. As for this, Green Yard Organic Milk, Lvfulong, and Lvcaiyuan are taken as the three name cards for organic agriculture of Yanqing. In addition, there are also Deqingyuan, Capital Agribusiness Group, Xisen Potato, Orchard Farmer and other several famous brands.

In 2005, Beijing Green Yard Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. was founded, and the brand “Green Yard” was successfully registered. In 2011, except for Yanqing Town, all the rest 14 towns had organic agricultural products, with varieties covering five major categories, including plantation, husbandry, fruits, traditional Chinese medicinal materials, and bee products.

Yanqing is the only “National Demonstration County in Organic Product Certification” in Beijing, with plenty of achievements in agricultural development. In April, 2009, Yanqing successfully registered “Yanqing · Organic Agriculture” brand. Moreover, Yanqing also possess other two famous geographical indication brands: “Kuokuang Apple Yanqing Geographical Indication” and “Chestnut Yanshan Geographical Indication”. In Beijing, Shanghai, and other large cities, Yanqing organized 4 organic agricultural product promotion meetings and exhibitions. In the year of 2011, Yanqing submitted application to National Certification and Accreditation Administration and successfully obtained the title of “Demonstration County in National Organic Product Certification”. Yanqing became one of the 11 counties in China, and the only county in Beijing that won the title. Yanqing attaches great importance to the construction of National Technology Innovation Center of Organic Agricultural Industry, Exhibition and Trade Center of Organic Agricultural Product (two centers), and 400,000-Mu Plantation Base of Organic Agricultural Product (240 Project for short). Capital, technology, talent, and market advantage of Beijing are fully utilized to comprehensively construct agricultural product base based on national organic agriculture and modern urban ecological agriculture. Since 2005 up to now, Yanqing’s organic circular agriculture is thriving and full of vigor, and has formed brand advantage and radiation effect. Up to now, Yanqing has also obtained honorable titles of National Organic Product Certification and Demonstration County, National Demonstration County of Promoting and Supervising Pollution-free Agricultural Product Mark, Demonstration County of Technology Innovation for Pollution-free Grape, and Home of Green Fruits and Vegetables in China.

As an environment-friendly agricultural cooperation mode, organic agriculture of Yanqing has good social benefit, economic benefit, and ecological benefit. At present, varieties of Yanqing’s organic agricultural products have extended to plantation, husbandry, aquaculture, processing and other industries. Within the territory, there has formed an ecological economic development system dominated by organic agriculture, energy-saving and environmental new energy, tourism and leisure. The additional value of agricultural products is increasing all the time. In addition, Yanqing’s organic agriculture also formed a complete set of quality certification and safety detection system to guarantee zero major quality and safety accident of agricultural products, so as to make sure people of the capital enjoy healthy and safe food and milk, as well as fresh and high-quality fruits and vegetables.

According to Beijing’s development strategy of constructing a global city, and being faced with high-consumption population and high-end market of the capital, in future, development direction of Yanqing’s organic agriculture should fully bring to play resource advantage, continue expanding the construction scale of agricultural product base, enhance certification management of organic agricultural product, strengthen agricultural investment and agricultural product quality supervision, cultivate and develop leading enterprises for processing organic agricultural product, and build the regional brand of “Yanqing · Organic Agriculture”.

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