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Great Circular Agriculture

Circular agriculture is a low-carbon, green, healthy, and environment-friendly agriculture development mode. Its connotation rests with repeated, multi-leveled, and efficient circulation of agricultural resources in farming system, so as to save energy, to reduce emission, and to improve income, as well as to promote sustainable development of modern agriculture and village.

According to the “one-system, two-wing” development mode formulated for circular economic pilot county, Yanqing improved agricultural water-saving system, adopting pipe irrigation, micro-spray irrigation, spray irrigation, trickle irrigation, and small tube flow technology to realize irrigation on 349,000-mu farmlands. Moreover, the county makes use of straw, fermented liquid and residue, worm-cast, poultry and livestock waste, plant branch, and other wastes to produce organic fertilizer, to construct gas station, centralized straw gasification station, and biomass fuel base, which fully re-used agricultural wastes. At the end of the “11th Five-year Plan” period, gas and feces treatment project processed 98,500 tons of poultry and livestock wastes, and 150,000 tons of sewage per year.

During the “12th Five-year Plan” period, with agriculture and husbandry circulation as the center, organic fertilizer processing and utilization as the focus, and gas project as the supplement, Yanqing continued implementing the “Fertile Soil Project” with utilization of poultry and livestock waste and soil fertility improvement as the main contents, so as to establish nontoxic utilization system of poultry and livestock, which improved nontoxic treatment ratio of poultry and livestock waste up to over 70%.

Service System for Green Weather

Weather is closed related with social life, with especially significant influence on agricultural production, and disastrous weather pre-warning. Taking the opportunity of constructing green Beijing demonstration area, focusing on ecological environment construction, and relying on Ecological Weather Monitoring Station of Yeya Lake (also the Wild Duck Lake) Wetland, Yanqing has formed a green weather service system with distinctive ecological characteristics.

Weather for Agriculture

As the “barometer” of agricultural production, Yanqing’s weather service system has intensified agricultural weather observation, regularized forecasting system, enriched the observation of crop growth period and phenology, done a good part in agricultural weather service, and provided county promotion station, fruit product office, agricultural plantation center, plant protective station, and other agricultural departments with weather information. Construction of the two systems of weather for agriculture have been strengthened, while the straight-through service mode oriented on large scale agricultural product bases, agricultural cooperatives, and large scale growers is established. Based on the platform of Indoor and Outdoor Comparative Observation Field of Kangzhuang Facility Agriculture, scientific basis is provided for agricultural production of the county. Organic vegetable, flower, and other characteristic agriculture of Yanqing are provided with good weather service.

Meteorological Disaster Prevention and Alleviation

In county level “Construction Project of Non-engineering Measures for Mountain Torrent Prevention and Control” and “Weather Support Project of Geological Disaster Prevention and Control for Mountain Torrent” of Beijing, 11 automatic weather stations, 15 electronic information displays, 10 rural weather information service stations, and 4 pre-warning speakers were newly deployed in mountain torrent and debris flow areas, and an effective meteorological disaster prevention system has been formed. In aspect of software construction, release system for rainstorm pre-warning information was installed and applied. Moreover, Meteorological Disaster Emergency Plan and Meteorological Disaster Prevention Plan were formulated, while weather service and pre-warning information are provided. Survey for rainstorm disaster and middle and small sized rivers were actively implemented. Automatic meteorological stations and large-screen display system were intensively deployed in river basins, mountain torrent and geological disaster areas of Yanqing. Observation facilities for ecological environment weather were reasonably deployed, which significantly improved the ability to observe and monitor regional sudden-onset meteorological disasters, and the stability and reliability of meteorological observation system were significantly improved.

Yanqing’s weather service system provides timely and accurate information in major weather processes. Especially in the rainstorm on July 21, 2012 and the snowstorm on November 3-4 and 10, 2012, emergency response was initiated, and weather forecast information and pre-warning signal were correctly and timely released, which protected people’s life and property safety to the largest extent.

Weather Guarantee

Green weather service system of Yanqing provided Summer Resort Festival, Cycling Cruise Meeting, Dragon Boat Festival, “Folk Cultural Performance (Summer Cultural Square Activity)”, and 5·12 Emergency Drill with high quality weather service. Meanwhile, Yanqing wetland ecological environment monitoring and provided weather service for the local grapes, and also provides 2014 World Grape Conference and International Horticultural Exposition 2019, Beijing with high quality weather service.

Observation Station of Yeya Lake’s Ecological Weather

Observation Station of Yeya Lake’s Ecological Weather is an ecological weather observation station integrating observation and experiment altogether, possessing 30 instruments to observe various elements, including atmospheric composition, negative oxygen ion, radiation, visibility, soil humidity, etc. The station provides a field experiment platform to Beijing to further implement comparative observation of atmospheric composition, wetland microclimate research, etc. Environment monitoring data of Yeya Lake Wetland Station provides data support and basis for Yeya Lake Wetland to be promoted from Level III landscape to Level IV landscape, and also provides Yanqing with necessary data support to win the qualification to host International Horticultural Exposition 2019, Beijing.

Marketization of Organic Circular Agriculture: Yanqing Agricultural and Sideline Product Processing Base

Yanqing Agricultural Byproduct Processing Base is located in the east of Yanqing County, with a total planned area of 196 acres, and infrastructure construction has basically reached “five-accessible and one-leveling”. Development of fruit, vegetable, husbandry, crop, and deep-processing industries is actively promoted. The industrial orientation of Yongning base is determined. Organic and ecological food industry, agricultural product and bio-processing industry, as well as organic agricultural support industry are focally developed. At present, Orchard Farmer (Beijing) Food Co., Ltd., Capital Agribusiness Group, Beijing Huadu Yangguang Food Co., Ltd., and Beijing Badaling Wine Industry Co., Ltd. have entered the base, which greatly promoted the development of Yanqing’s organic and circular agriculture.

Deqingyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a representative of circular agriculture. With modern and facility-based laying hen raise as the leading industry, the company has established a five-in-one circular economic system of ecological agricultural comprised of “ecological raise—egg product cleaning processing—waste gasification and power generation—fertilizer production—green plantation”, with satisfactory economic, environmental, and social benefit achieved.

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