Technical Information

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Technical Information

Yanqing district is located in the continental monsoon climate zone, which is a transition area between the temperate and mid-temperate zone, and semiarid and semi-humid zone. Four seasons are distinct here, with cold winter, rainy summer, and windy and dry spring and autumn.

The land of the park is mainly covered by fluvo-aquic soil, plus some cinnamon soil and brown earth. Soil humus formation and accumulation are relatively weak and the soil has sensible sediment bedding and multiple layers, including humus layer (arable layer), redox layer, parent material layer, etc.

PH value is between 7.3 and 8.6. Frozen soil is 1 meter in depth.

Precipitation: Mainly in June to September

Average precipitation: 429mm

Frost-free days:

Plain area: 180-190 days

Mountainous area: 150-160 days


Evaporation off Guihe River surface:E20 1652.3mm

Park : 400mm


Annual Average Temperature: 8 ℃

April –October

Maximum: 23.8 ℃

Minimum: 12.8 ℃

Monthly Average Temperature: (unit ℃)