Taking a Closer Look at Flowers at Beijing International Horticultural Exposition

  • offcial website of Beijing Expo 2019  2017-Sep-7 09:55:38

On April 26, exactly two years away from the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exposition, the Beijing International Horticultural Exposition Coordination Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Committee of Science and Technology, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscape and Forestry and the Yanqing District People’s Government jointly hosted the “Taking a Closer Look at Flowers at BIHE” exhibition series in Badaling International Grape Exhibition Garden. Over 1,200 kinds of flowers from around the world were gathered here to give us an amazing glimpse of the 2019 International Horticultural Exposition. The main content of this gardening exhibition concerned big gardening and the whole gardening industrial chain, and the exhibition created a gardening feast, a new engine driving green industry, a platform for demonstration, sharing, exchange and common growth, representing the amazing interaction of life, production and ecology, as well as the special combination between science and humanity. The exhibition also interpreted the meaning and content of five sub-themes: green development, gardening in life, harmony and blossom, education and future, and spiritual garden.

This event was held from July 6 to 10, and consisted of two parts of indoor and outdoor exhibitions on an area of over 20,000 square meters. The indoor exhibition presented special indoor plants, flowers and gardening decorations, herbs for Chinese medicine, vegetables and fin products from the horticulture industry. Relevant gardening activities were organized. Different presentation forms such as indoor shows, exhibitions, activities were explored due to long presenting time and other factors, and people gained precious gardening exhibition experience. Outdoor exhibition tested the adaptability of various plants, and focused more on testing and controlling the flowering period other cultivation techniques and creative plant application in exhibition, making all relevant preparations for BIHE including various types of seeds, production technology and application method. With some of the award-winning designs from 2016 Creative Park Design Competition as blueprints, horticulture companies invested and created a fine garden exhibition area, pooling wisdom from across the country to facilitate preparations for the BIHE.

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