Taking a Closer Look at Flowers at Beijing International Horticultural Exposition

On April 26, exactly two years away from the 2019 Beijing Expo, hosted the “Taking a Closer Look at Flowers at BIHE” exhibition series in Badaling International Grape Exhibition Garden. 2017-09-07

Life and Plants in BIHE

The indoor exhibition was held in the science museum of International Grape Exhibition Garden. Considering the long exhibition time and the larger number of exhibitors, the exhibition focused on expanding the preparation model, engaging social members to join the show and exhibition, and exploring rotating exhibition in presenting fine horticultural products. The indoor exhibition covers an area about 2,000 square meters. Flower-Arranging Art Museum of China took the lead and organized dozens of outstanding florists to hold targeted design shows in the museum under the theme of “Clothes, food, housing and transportation” to explore the close connection between horticulture and life. The main part of the exhibition is theme landscape combining horticulture and floriculture, with the support of images and text descriptions. It is worth mentioning that this exhibition opened an area where special herbs for Chinese medicine and vegetables were shown, giving visitors a memorable experience. The 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exposition will include a Fruit Garden, a Vegetable Garden and an Herb Garden.

Horticultural Companies Bring Their Best Products

The indoor exhibition opened a special business area where over 50 of the best companies in the horticulture industry were invited to present in rotation their new and quality products, technologies and materials. The rotating exhibitions were held in four phases and each phase with their own theme would last for about ten days.

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