Foreign Designers Conduct Field Survey of Creative Park at Beijing International Horticultural Exposition

  • offcial website of Beijing Expo 2019  2017-Sep-7 11:27:55

To show the openness of the exhibition and achieve the target of reaching a “new level of world horticulture” and achieve a “new example of ecological civilization”, the Beijing International Horticultural Exposition Coordination Bureau selected renowned foreign landscape gardeners and designers to build five characteristic and exquisite parks of the world’s highest level. These are going to be one of the highlights of the International Horticultural Exposition. After preliminary selection, according to the standards of strong professional ability, significant international influence, representativeness in terms of local features, design ideas aligned with the overall theme, philosophy, and nature of the exposition, five groups of preferred designers (teams) from America, England, Denmark and Holland were selected and confirmed to complete Creative Park design.

In the morning of July 3, 2017, designers of SLA from Denmark and WEST8 from Holland did a field survey of the park at the Beijing International Horticultural Exposition.

This field survey was aimed at helping designers gain a deep understanding of the environment of the park, and find inspiration for their design. In this way, designers can deliver their plans for the Creative Park, plans that align with this exposition’s theme of “live green, live better”.

In the afternoon, SLA from Denmark, WEST8 from Holland and the Beijing International Horticultural Exposition Coordination Bureau discussed the Creative Park as designed by foreign designers and its specific implementation plan.


Deputy Director Ye Dahua of the Beijing International Horticultural Exposition Coordination Bureau listened to the report and case introduction from two organizations and gave requirements of the Creative Park design. It was hoped that the teams can play their strengths and combine the theme of this exhibition and the cold climate of Yanqing Region and select appropriate plants, incorporate the ideas of green and environment protection into the design to create the best park.