Dayushu Town, Remembrance of the Guishui River

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Fenghuangtai Relics Site

The Fenghuangtai Relics Site is located on the top of Xifenghuang Hill in Xiaozhangjiakou Village, Dayushu Town. Its geographic coordinates are east longitude 116°01′7.1″ and north latitude 40°23′43.9″ and it has an elevation of 637 meters. According to legend, it was one of the Eight Nanshan Camps in Yanqing.

The site is located on flat ground on the hilltop measuring about 100 square meters. A temple was once found there, but no confirmed information about it is available. Research shows that the original temple was built during the Jin Dynasty. Some of its foundation has survived and broken bricks and tiles after the collapse of the temple can be found nearby. Three roughly carved stone Buddha statutes can be found at the site. Originally, they didn’t have heads, so heads were added later. The largest of the statues stands 1.3 meters tall and the two smaller ones stand at 1.1 meters. The site was discovered during the second archaeological survey in 1984 following the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It hasn't undergone any excavation since then and is now administered by the village committee.

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