Dayushu Town, Remembrance of the Guishui River

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Danihe City Wall Relics Site

Located in the west of Danihe Village, the site is surrounded by local residential houses. Its geographic coordinates are east longitude 115°59′43.5″ and north latitude 40°24′39.6″ and it has an elevation of 536 meters.

The date is unknown for the city wall. It has a plank and a rammed earth structure, only 50 meters of which has survived. It is about 3 meters wide and the rammed earth layer is 8 to 20 centimeters in thickness. According to local traditions, only the west wall was built before construction stopped because officials embezzled the construction funds. The section of the wall is trapezoidal in shape, and the top and bottom lengths are roughly the same. The structure of the rammed earth layer suggests that it was built during the Ming Dynasty.

Danihe Guanyin Nunnery Relics Site


Located on a flat area in the southwest corner of Danihe Village, the Danihe Guanyin Nunnery Relics Site borders a south-to-north thoroughfare to the east, uninhabited areas to the west and south and residential areas to the north. Its geographic coordinates are east longitude 115°59′43.2″ and north latitude 40°24′31.3″ and it has an elevation of 535 meters.

The nunnery was built during the late Qing Dynasty. Originally, it was a siheyuan-styled building facing the south. This Qing Dynasty-style building is large in size, covering 700 square meters. At the time of the second archaeological survey, it had an architectural area of about 180 square meters, on which the village’s primary school was founded. Long years of disrepair resulted in serious damage and it was demolished in 1992 with official permission. Only the foundation has survived and broken bricks and tiles and stone components were scattered around the nearby area at the time of the archaeological survey. Later, the village committee repaired the building using modern red bricks, which did not restore the original ancient look of the site.

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