Signing Ceremony on Second-Batch 'Beijing Expo 2019'Sponsors Held in Beijing

May 17, the signing ceremony on the second batch of 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition sponsors was held at the Beijing Hotel. 2018-05-21

May 17, the signing ceremony on the second batch of 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition sponsors was held at the Beijing Hotel.Following the signing of its 5 first-batchglobal partners,namely, Air China, CYTS, Bank of Beijing, Shunxin Holdings and Vanke, in April last year, more sponsors were added to the list, including BAIC Group, Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Co.,Ltd., Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co.,Ltd. and Beijing Branch of China Telecom as its global partners and Beijing Branch of PICC, Beijing Gehua Advertising Co., Ltd., Beijing Green Garden Group Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Xintong Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. as its senior sponsors.

Wang Hong, Deputy Mayor of Beijing Municipal People's Government,Zhang Wei, Vice Chairman of CCPIT, Wu Xiaosong,Vice President of China Flower Association, Wang Jinzhen, Commissioner General of Beijing Expo 2019,Chen Jianwu, Deputy Director-General of Department of Afforestation and Greening at State Forestry Administration, Deng Naiping, Chief of Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau and Party Secretary of the Expo’s Coordination Bureau, Zhang Yinchao, Deputy Secretary-General of China Flower Association, and Peng Hongming,Deputy Secretary-General of China Flower Association, attended the signing ceremony.Zhou Jianping, Executive Director General of the Expo’s Coordination Bureau signed a cooperation agreement with the sponsors on behalf of the Expo’s Coordination Bureau.

To hold an open and sharing Beijing Expo 2019 via international platform for win-win situation

The 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition will be the largest top-classinternational exhibition held in China after the Beijing Olympic Gamesin2008 andthe Shanghai World Expo in 2010.It is estimated that approximately 100 countries/international organizations and 100 non-governmental organizations will participate in this event, attracting up to 16 million tourists from all over the world. This will build an international platform for corporate development, expand the dimensions and directions of corporate cooperation and create more cross-country, cross-industry and cross-sector business opportunities.

The role of Beijing Expo 2019 in boosting socio-economic development will be mostly reflected by its attraction and promotion of the active participation of large enterprises. Its Brand Sponsorship Program will attract a large number of institutions and companies to participate in Beijing Expo 2019,providing an excellent opportunity for Chinese companies to expand into more sectors of the Chinese market,a stage for them to grow bigger and go global, a place of promotion and exhibition for them to reciprocate to the society and march towards higher goals, and a platform for the leapfrog development of SMEs to expand their market and enrich their experience. Beijing Expo 2019 will lead the participating companies to explore promising markets,integrate into the most dynamic economies and move towards a vibrant future.

According to Zhou Jianping, Executive Director General of the Expo’s Coordination Bureau, the successful signing ceremony is another major breakthrough in the Brand Sponsorship Programof Beijing Expo 2019 which is always public welfare-oriented, adheres to the principle of“government leadership,social participation, openness and sharing”and absorbs social capital and resources extensively for its preparatory work.The participants in the signing ceremony include 8 enterprises(central-government-owned, state-owned or private enterprises) spanning across various industries - automobile, Internet, telecommunications, insurance, event planning and horticulture.Being able to attract the participation of so many outstanding companies with strong social responsibilities, raised awareness of brand reputation and deep complex of green gardening fully reflects that the brand value of Beijing Expo 2019 has been widely recognized by the vast number of companies and the people from all walks of life.

"The development philosophy of Beijing Expo 2019is highly compatible with those of its sponsors. Through cooperation, mutual benefits and win-win situation will be fully realized, functions of preparatory work further complemented and resources efficiently shared between the Expo and the premium brands. Thus, Beijing Expo 2019 will become a vivid better practice of green development and eco-beautiful China”, said Ye Dahua, Deputy Director General of the Expo’s Coordination Bureau.

To promote innovation mechanism and brand sponsorshipto a new level

Since the launch of the Brand Sponsorship Program of Beijing Expo 2019 in the second half of 2016, the Expo’s Coordination Bureau has adhered to the government-led and market-oriented operation model, innovated its mechanism, introduced its business team,actively and extensively approached companies with good reputation and strong social responsibilities in various industries through standardized, efficient and market-oriented operations and sound policy support - attracting them to join in the preparatory work of Beijing Expo 2019 to expand its "friend circle" and influence. Under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the marketing of Beijing Expo 2019 has achieved positive results continuously.

In April 2017, the Expo successfully signed contracts with its first-batch global partners. The 5 companies, namely, Air China, CYTS, Bank of Beijing,Shunxin Holdings and Vanke Group, signed their contracts and became the Expo’s first global partners. After the signing of the contracts, these enterprises cooperated closely with the Expo’s Coordination Bureau, jointly collaborated and actively participated in the preparatory work of Beijing Expo 2019 in terms of technologies, products and services, providing strong support for Beijing Expo 2019. In this April, Air China's first“Colorful Beijing Expo”airplane made its first flight, CYTS provided advice and suggestions on exhibition operations, Bank of Beijing’s first-batch franchised precious metal design(draft) was released, Vanke’s plant pavilion exhibition plan made its dazzling debut,and Shunxin Holdings launched“Lecture on Life of Gardening”, promoting to the general public the theme of Beijing Expo 2019 - "Live Green, Live Better”.

The successful signing of the second batch of eight sponsors today marked a further achievement in the development of the Brand Sponsorship Program of Beijing Expo 2019. Up to now, the number of brand sponsors of Beijing Expo 2019has increased to 13,including 9 global partners and 4 senior sponsors, covering aviation, convention & exhibition services, finance, agricultural products, automobile, insurance, Internet, horticulture and event planning. These companies will provide a full range of products, technologies and services for the preparation and operation of Beijing Expo 2019.

According to Wei Jianhua, General Manager of Beijing Expo Business Management Co., Ltd., the Brand Sponsorship Program of Beijing Expo 2019 can be divided into three levels - global partners, senior sponsors and project sponsors. The sponsors may provide funds or cash equivalents for the Expo’s Coordination Bureau to fulfill its sponsorship commitment to Beijing Expo 2019.

Ye Dahua, Deputy Director General of the Expo’s Coordination Bureau,said,“The Brand Sponsorship Program provides a stronger guarantee for Beijing Expo 2019.We will formulate a more scientific and reasonable plan and fine-tune it to the actual situation of each sponsor to achieve brand partnership and win-win situation.”

Fully implement spirit of 19th CPC National Congress&Demonstrate achievements of ecological development in New Era

The report of the 19th CPC National Congress proposed that boosting ecological development is a millennium plan for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. The modernization we want to achieve isthe modernization with harmonious coexistencebetween man and nature.We need create more material wealth and spiritual wealth to meet the people's growing needs of good life and provide more qualityecological products tomeet the people's growing demand forbeautiful environment.Hosting Beijing Expo 2019 is aimed to let the people make spontaneous efforts to respect, adapt to and protect the nature so that more people will become the participants and beneficiaries of ecological development.

The leaders of the Organizing Committee and the Executive Committee attached great importance to the preparatory work of Beijing Expo 2019.They went to the area designated for the Expo in Yanqing District many times to provide guidance and make requests for the preparatory work in the following aspects: venue construction, exhibition planning,exhibition invitation(domestic and international), cultural event, publicity & promotion, operations & services. At the end of this April, an event themed“Blooming in New Era”, marking the 1-year countdown to Beijing Expo 2019, was held in Yanqing District where Beijing Expo 2019 will take place. This shows its preparatory work has entered the last phase - sprinting to the finish line.

At present, the designs of 31 provincial, prefectural and municipal gardens have been almost finalized; 10 provinces, prefectures and cities have already began their construction on the site; other provinces, prefectures and cities will gradually begin to build their gardens; and the creative exhibition gardenplans by 5 foreign designers from the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United States and Japan have been reviewed and approved. So far, 96 countries and international organizations have confirmedin writing their participation in Beijing Expo 2019; the construction of the African and the American joint garden and the Pakistani garden are expected to begin at the end of May, and India, Japan, Qatar, Myanmar and Yemen in June,South Korea, Thailand, Germany, the Netherlands and Azerbaijan from July to August.In addition, the flagship stores selling franchised goods of Beijing Expo 2019have gone live onJD.comand Tmall.

This year, the following work for Beijing Expo 2019 will be gradually completed - the formulation of overall ticketing policies, the deployment ofPhase I ticketing system, the opening of ticket pre-sale and purchase hotline for retail customers, the formulation of volunteer recruitment and training plan, the formal launch of volunteer recruitment and the formulation of overall transport guarantee plan,overall security plan and overall operation management plan. By the end of this October, the construction of the public landscape and infrastructure of the Expo will be fully completed except the arrangement of seasonal flowers; the main venues, namely 4 pavilions and 1 center,will all be completed; the construction of smart Beijing Expo 2019 will also start and the infrastructure will be basically ready, making full preparations and laying a solid foundation for the successful holding of Beijing Expo 2019.

According to Lin Qiaoling, Chairman of Beijing Green Garden Group Co., Ltd., the 10 unique floats created by the company will be used in 324 float parades in 162 days during Beijing Expo 2019 to create a beautiful scenery with rich gardening features, tell good stories about China's ecological development, boost the reputation of World Expo from the horticultural perspective and advocate the theme of "Live Green, Live Better”

Zhou Jianping, Executive Director General of the Expo’s Coordination Bureau, stated that Beijing Expo 2019 will adopt Xi Jinping’s thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as its guideline to boost international exchanges and cooperation in green industries, promote the concepts of green development,practice the construction of ecological civilization and uphold the transformation of economic development path and the people’s lifestyle. He looked forward to sharing the fruitful achievements of ecological civilization with the people from all over the world, appreciating the beautiful new painting of China featured with limpid waters, green mountains and harmonious coexistence between man and nature in 2019.


Beijing Expo 2019, hosted by the Chinese government and the Beijing Municipality, is a worldwide horticultural exposition with the highest category. Read More