The International Pavilion


One of the main pavilions in the International Horticultural Expo is the International Pavilion, which takes the concept of “blending and blooming” as the exhibition concept. It adopts the multi-dimensional way of “object plus Multimedia plus interaction plus atmosphere” to describe the global horticultural culture stories such as the stories along “the Belt and Road” and assemble unique horticultural achievements and contributions from all over the world. The official exhibitors display their unique horticultural features and regional culture, and hold seven kinds of special international flower contest exhibitions, such as the 2019 World Flower Contest, city flower rose and chrysanthemum, show the development level of horticultural industry, and build a bridge of “openness and inclusiveness, win-win cooperation, inheritance and innovation” in the world through horticulture.

The exhibition area of the International Pavilion is 12770 square meters. It is divided into four major exhibition areas, including sunken square, preface hall, national (regional) and international organization exhibition area, special international contest exhibition area for the indoor flowers.

effectivemapofthe buildingschemeof theInternational Pavilion

sketch map ofthe exhibitionareadistributionof theInternational Pavilion

The exhibition area of the sunken square is 860 square meters. As the entrance for visitors to the International Pavilion, it is located on the ground floor. Combining the function and structural characteristics of the sunken square, it deduces the colorful “one hundred gardens” through the steps of the International Horticultural Expo, the theme ecological green wall, the main shape and the movable garden, and invites guests from all over the world with gardening as the medium.

The exhibition hall has an exhibition area of 1260 square meters. It is located on the ground floor and serves as a transit space for visitors to rise from the login space to the exhibition hall. On the basis of ensuring open and good passing, it adopts the multi-dimensional experience mode of “object plus Multimedia plus interaction plus atmosphere” to display the gardening culture on the facade and the ground, such as “the center of plant origin”, “the communications of species along the Belt and Road” and “world-famous flowers and trees”, experiences and appreciates the diverse and prosperous global horticultural culture in a multi-dimensional way, agglomerate the friendship between countries. With horticulture as a medium, we will build an open, inclusive, prosperous and win-win future.

The exhibition area of national (regional) and international organization exhibition area is 7100 square meters. Combining the exhibition space of the International Pavilion and related exhibition experience, the exhibition area of national (regional) and international organizations is planned and laid out. Intercontinental groups are used to divide national (regional) booths based on Asia, Europe, America and Oceania.

According to AIPH rules, the exhibition area of special internationalcontest for theindoor flowersis 3550square meters. Considering the florescence of different flowers and the leading factors of industry development, we adopt the mode of changing exhibition and closing hall to hold six kinds of special internationalcontests forpeony, orchid, rose, combinedpotted plants, potted landscape, chrysanthemum and the2019World FlowerContest.Visitorswill experience the global horticultural culture in a variety of ways and watch seven international horticultural peak battles.