Visiting the Expo with a Mobile


In the Expo, there are a lot of beautiful flowers. There are many uniquepavilions, exhibition gardens and scenic spots. However, you don’t need to worry about having no idea where to start your journey there, because “EXPO 2019” - the “Smart Expo”Visitor Mobile APP will provide you with a full range of tour and experience services tomake youfeelmore comfortable and convenient in theExpo Park for sightseeing.

Download “EXPO 2019”, the journey of Beijing Expo can start from your home. You can go through the “OnlineExpo” at home and make an all-round panoramic tour among the corepavilions, gardens and scenic spots of the Expo, such as China Pavilion, Yongning Pavilion and Beijing Garden, so that you can have a three-dimensional and comprehensive understanding of it before entering the Expo, and determine the destination for your visit in thePark. At the same time, the Expo has carefully selected several “recommended routes” for you in “EXPO 2019”, so that you can choose your own tour routes according to your needs. In addition, with the support of background data, you can even make ticket purchases andpavilion reservations directly to make the journey smoother and more comfortable.

You can also get information aboutpavilions,exhibition gardens and scenic spotsas well asthematic activities through ‘EXPO 2019”, and navigate to the corresponding places. In addition, if you have any questions in thePark, you can use the “EXPO 2019” to find theinformation you need.

If you want to continue to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the Expo the next day, or visit Yanqing in Beijing, we have carefully screened the surrounding catering, accommodation, scenic spots and other information,which canfully help you appreciate the landscape and local customs of Yanqing.

“EXPO 2019” - - “SmartExpo”Visitor Mobile App, will provide you with intimate and convenient service and tour experience for your trip tothe Expo. It will also enable you to feel the unique charm brought by the combination of AR/VR technology, and culture and tourism.