About Yanqing

Dazhuangke Township, Remembrance of the Guishui River (II)

Ancient Stone Cave Temples and Carved Stone Cultural Relics Sites,Located on a hillside slope 1.8 kilometers southeast of Dazhuangke Village, Dazhuangke Township, the stone lions face Bailong Pool to the south and border Changchi Road to the west.

Dazhuangke Township, Remembrance of the Guishui River (I)

Located in the southeastern mountainous area of Yanqing, Dazhuangke Township borders Huangcheng Town of Huairong District to the southeast, Changling Town to the south and Jiangzhuang and Yongning towns to the west and north.

Early and Recent Modern Era Cultural Relics

In Jiangzhuang Town, there are three early and recent modern era relics and typical architecture of immovable relics, accounting for 10% of the Town’s immovable relics. All of these are graves of revolutionary martyrs.

Red Tourism in Yanqing

The Yudu Mountain Natural Scenic Zone is located 10 kilometers from downtown Yanqing. This is a mountainous, largely unpopulated area. Its scenic environment is beautiful and serene.

Yanqing, A Dream-like Place in Beautiful China

After being stressed upon in the report to the 18th CPC National Congress, “Beautiful China” soon became a buzzword in China. The concept associated with it is thought-provoking.
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