About Yanqing

A Beautiful Garden

While listening to these Kun opera lyrics, a walk in this garden brings me gentle emotions.

Dayushu Town, Remembrance of the Guishui River

Located in the southeast of Yanqing District, Beijing, Dayushu Town borders Jingzhuang Town to the east, Badaling Town to the south and Kangzhuang Town and Yanqing Town to the west.

A Splendid Summer, Resort for Recreation

The true meaning of beautiful Yanqing is contained in life. To be a real beautiful, livable and sustainable destination, Yanqing must build itself into a place with social harmony and stability where people live and work in contentment, having access to hospitals and schools and being looked after properly when getting aged.

Ecological Agriculture,Brand Landscape

The development mode of Yanqing's organic agriculture is “driven by leader, based on industry amalgamation, supported by government, and with farmer as the principal part”.

Protective Management for Ecological Environment

As an important ecological rehabilitation development area of Beijing, Yanqing plays an irreplaceable and significant ecological role to the construction of green Beijing in ecological rehabilitation, water resource protection, and sandstorm prevention.
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