About Yanqing

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  • History of Yanqing Throughout the Ages

    Yanqing, ringed on three sides by mountains and one side facing water, covers a total area of 1993.75 square kilometers, with an average elevation of 500 meters. Endowed with unique climate, it enjoys a reputation of “Summer Resort” in Beijing, regarded as an important ecological barrier for northwest capital.
  • Glacier Green Valley, Forest Oxygen-Bar
  • Valley Economy: Beautiful Scenery, Prosperous People

    Yanqing District occupies 1,994 square kilometers, with a mountainous area of 1,451 square kilometers, accounting for 73% of the total area of Yanqing District. As an ecological conservation development region of Beijing, Yanqing's valley economy becomes its developing highlight, and plays a leading demonstrative effect.
  • Quality-oriented Education
  • For Ecological Civilization, Education Marches First

    With "setting up a scientific quality concept, implementing quality-oriented education" as its educating theme, and "transforming the education development pattern, changing ways of teaching and learning" as a main line, Yanqing education focuses on people-oriented, comprehensive development and quality training.
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  • Ecological Yanqing —A Garden of the Capital City

    During the period of "the Twelfth Five-year Plan," it is Yanqing's overall goal to comprehensively construct a beautiful, ecologically livable, rich, cultivated, happy and harmonious "green demonstration zone in Beijing."   II.
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  • Ecological and Cultural Characteristics in 15 Townships in Yanqing

    As a modern eco-city that is livable and beautiful, Yanqing Town, the political, economic and cultural center of the county, is where Yanqing District proper locates. Yanqing Town lives up to its title as a scenery botanical garden city featuring "Landscape City, Garden City".
  • Northern Culture Absorbing the Essence of Central and Southern Cultures
  • Yanqing: A Land of Mingling Civilizations

    Yanqing has been a land of plenty since ancient times, with local culture deeply imbedded in the both old and young land that was initially known as Guichuan. Tremendous changes have taken place with the passage of time. Nowadays, Yanqing is characterized by its diverse and inclusive culture with great profundity and dynamics.
  • Traces of the Beautiful Yanqing: 1.8 Billion Years Ago
  • Traces of the Beautiful Yanqing: 1.8 Billion Years Ago

    Yanqing is located in the transition zone between North China Plain and Inner Mongolia.Plateau.Geological history of billions of years carved the unique geological landscape and picturesque natural scenery, as well as the good ecological environment and splendid cultural history.
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