About Yanqing

A Garden of the Capital City,Four Pleasant Seasons——Autumn

In the golden autumn, the clear and bright sky, breezing wind, red leaves and reddened forests jointly create a pleasant scene of late autumn. In Guichuan, red leaves, green cypresses and colorful flowers constitute numerous splendid pictures, allowing the ancient town to present a new look.

Culture of Historical Talents in Blessed Yanqing

Those who were born and grew in Yanqing, and the outsiders who exerted great influence to this place, can be regarded as sages in Yanqing, among whom there are not a few virtuous celebrities and vivid historical figures worthy of praise and worship. Yanqing is a small county, but it shines with numerous outstanding talents.

Enchanting Customs and Diversified Culture (2)

Yanqing dialect belongs to the dialects in the north of China, commonly used in the regions of Huairou and Chengde of Beijing mandarin area. Due to the geographical position, trend of mountains and rivers, historical evolution, population composition, and many other reasons, the Yanqing dialect is rather complex.

Enchanting Customs and Diversified Culture (1)

Guichuan (Yanqing), carrying the enduring history of thousands of years, where live the straightforward, optimistic, and generous people with charming personality of honesty, kindness, industry, and wisdom, inherits the distinctive local cultural awareness.

Guichuan Jade Pearl, Ancient Town Cultures (Part Two)

Chadao Village of Badaling Town, Yanqing County, which was located in northwestern Badaling Guancheng (defensive base), was the historic site of Chadao Cheng, a military headquarter built in the 30th year of Emperor Jiajing of Ming Dynasty.
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