Gardening Culture

Why Do Cut Flowers Wither Earlier Than Expected?

Insufficient water supply.Cut flowers wither earlier than expected because they lack sufficient water supply.To keep them alive and fresh longer, we must find ways to make the flowers better absorb water.

Flower Arrangement, the Beauty of Artistic Conception

By features and forms, flower arrangement usually falls under two categories: Oriental and Western. Western style flower arrangement tends to use a great quantity of fresh flowers to form decorative patterns that highlight artificial, rational and uniform designs.

Yao Bing: Ancient Architecture Should Play a Greater Role in Culture Inheritance

Architecture is the carrier of culture, and ancient architecture is the core of traditional culture.

Garden Appreciation: Savoring Shihu Garden

With a rock standing and a stream lying; a cave passed through and a crooked bridge stood; and dotted with a few mosses and colored with a few Chinese wistarias, this northern garden was full of southern aura, which rendered it rather agreeable.

Overview of Ancient Architectural Sculpture

Architectural sculpture is an important component of ancient Chinese architecture, as well as an important ingredient in the formation of traditional Chinese architectural style.
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