Gardening Culture

Unique Characteristics of Landscaping and Greening Engineering

Landscaping and greening engineering is the engineering of building garden landscape and green space.It aims at expressing garden art with engineering technology, and ensuring the engineering products on the ground go well with the garden landscape.

The Use of Signs in Landscaping

As a medium of information dissemination, signs are a part of the urban environment and landscape, and they are important members in the category of environmental facilities.

On the Role of Stone Carving in the Construction of Landscape Projects

Stone carvings are art works carved on bluestones, gravels, granites, marbles and other materials.

Some Thoughts on Modern Landscape Architecture

In recent years, along with urban development, ecological problems facing us are growing more and more serious and thus more ecological elements have been introduced into modern landscape architecture.

Imperative Development of Pollution-Free Protection of Landscape Plants

Landscape plants are part of the urban ecosystem. Their main function is protecting and improving urban environment, providing the city with greenery, and adjusting the microclimate of the city.
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