Gardening Culture

Ruan Yisan: Magnificent Yangzhou Gardens with Charm of Tang Poetry

The overall design is magnificent with the charm of Tang Poetry. It is an important representation of the salt business culture, and the extremely vital wealth of Yangzhou.

The Influence of Feng Shui (Geomancy) on Traditional Chinese Garden

Thoughts of Feng Shui has a profound impact on theories of traditional Chinese garden.Site selection of traditional Chinese garden etc. are all drawn and transformed from the theory of Feng Shui.

Experts Said Vegetable Oil is Good for Protection of Ancient Architecture

Mixed with certain additives, vegetable oil-based paint can create a thin layer of protection on the outer walls of ancient architecture, without compromising the original structures and outer walls of the buildings.

The Oldest Wooden Pagoda in China: A Miracle of Wooden Architecture

The Sakyamuni Pagoda is located in the Fogong Temple in the northwest of Yingxian County. Commonly known as Yingxian Wooden Pagoda, it was built in the second year of Qingning of Liao and renovated and expended in the sixth year of Mingchang of Jin.

The Unique Beauty of Ancient Chinese Architecture

Carvings are an integral part of the art of ancient Chinese architecture. There are carvings on the brick of the wall, on the stone rails on the architectural basis, and on architectural decorations made of gold, silver, copper, iron, etc.
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