Gardening Culture

The “Forbidden City” of Naxi

If what we see in the Old Town of Lijiang is one side of the ordinary life in Lijiang, then the Mu Mansion shows us the history of a once-prosperous chieftain family in the southwestern region.

Three Methods of Water Engineering in Ancient Gardens

The landscaping of ancient Chinese gardens stresses the harmony and coordination between man and nature by using multiple methods in design to express the beauty of nature in the best way.

Predecessor of Imperial Garden – Youpu (Garden for Planting and Feeding Animals) and Palace Garden

The Shang Dynasty and Western Zhou Dynasty were typical slave-owner’s states. Kings, vassals and scholars and officialdom were all noblemen.

World Cultural Heritage – the Summer Palace in Beijing

“The Summer Palace in Beijing was built in A.D. 1750, badly damaged in the war in 1860, and renovated at the original site in 1886.

Thoughts about the Cultural Inheritance of Classical Garden Art

It is safe to say that garden art is the aggregation of traditional Chinese arts like philosophy, poetry, painting and calligraphy and architecture, or that it is the comprehensive reflection of these arts.
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