The Philosophy of International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 Beijing, China

  • offcial website of Beijing Expo 2019  2016-Mar-25 15:30:44

Make horticulture part of nature

Let nature touch the soul

The philosophy of the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019,Beijing, China is: Make horticulture part of nature; Let nature touch the soul.

Rooted in nature, the gardening is the fruit of human wisdom and nature, which carries people’s yearning and hope for nature. As the perpetual pursuit of human being, green stands for security, health and the harmony between human and nature. The city is the important environment where people live. With the development of human civilization, people have learned to respect and even become a part of nature instead of just knowing and transforming the nature. To buildagreen city has become the new tide of people’s pursuit fora betterlife. The concept of integrating nature into gardening and city and integrating green into city reflects people’s yearning towards the nature and the spiritual pursuit for their original nature. To baptize the soul in nature and touch the heart with nature is the best approach for people to enrich the internal world and ponder more upon the life.

The International Horticultural Exhibition 2019,Beijing, China integrates the distinguished horticulture from all over the world into the large natural garden, which will display the harmonious integration of gardening, city and nature in a comprehensive way. The garden will integrate itself with the peripheral beautiful scenery and become the king garden in the large natural gardens, which will be the best demonstration of the philosophy of “Make horticulture part of nature; Let nature touch the soul”.