Pushing Market Participation, Innovating Hosting Way:Beijing Expo 2019 Holds the First Enterprise Matchmaking Meeting

Officers from nearly 100 well-known domestic enterprises involving horticulture, flower, exhibition, science and technology, and other fields have gathered in Golden Hall of Xiadu Convention Center, Yanqing to attend the first enterprise matchmaking meeting for Beijing Expo 2019. 2016-03-26

Creating a quality street for horticulture, leisure and tourism experience, Beijing Expo 2019 proposed to build a 4km-long horticultural industry belt.

In this match making, Expo Coordination Bureau has for the first time disclosed the contents related to the horticultural industry belt.


Yan Wei, Chief Landscape Architect of Beijing Institute of Landscape and Traditional Architectural Design and Research is introducing the planning of horticultural industry belt.    

As Yan Wei, main participant in preparation of Master Plan of Beijing Expo 2019 and Chief Landscape Architect of Beijing Institute of Landscape and Traditional Architectural Design and Research explains, the horticultural industry belt in planning is located at south section of the Park, extending along Baikang Road and Yankang Road, with a length of about 4km and an area of around 50ha.

The responsible officer of Expo Coordination Bureau indicated that regardless of its small scale, such industry belt is specifically positioned and clearly designed. “We will create here a quality street to experience gardening, leisure and tourism. Gardening tourism is taken as the ultimate form, to string the horticulture breeding, horticultural machinery, horticultural production, gardening show, gardening sales, gardening restaurant and other leading enterprises on the gardening industry chain, thus enabling it to become a well-known gardening tourist destination.

It is learned that the horticultural industry belt mainly covers international flower market, gardening workshop, gardening forfamily, gardening festoon estates, gardening flower house and equipment exhibition center, horticultural market research center, technology venture gardening R&D center, horticultural germplasm resource center, horticultural information technology center and other planning contents. By then, people may see the intelligent gardening robots taking care of gardens in the gardening workshop, enjoy the one-stop flower gardening procurement platform in the gardening forfamily, touch the profound cultural deposits of poetry collection of horticultural history in the gardening festoon estates, experience the flower banquet restaurant, flowery bars in the gardening flower house service zone, appreciate the world’s characterized horticultural garden and courtyard arts and catch up with the modern garden fashion trend in the horticultural garden prototype room.

The responsible officer of Expo Coordination Bureau said that the horticultural industry belt is the most prominent feature and highlight of this Expo. Here, enterprises are leading actors. Beijing Expo 2019 is sending out invitations to those excellent gardening enterprises in China and even all over the world, making efforts to achieve industrial agglomeration, resource sharing, thus to construct an ecologically livable and enterprise-adaptable industrial park, and promoting the realization of “Integrating Life into Gardening”.

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Beijing Expo 2019, hosted by the Chinese government and the Beijing Municipality, is a worldwide horticultural exposition with the highest category. Read More