A Garden Of the Capital City,Four Pleasant Seasons——Summer

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    Beishan Fragrance-Caijia River Landscape

Caijia River, a tributary of Gui River, crosses Yanqing Beishan sightseeing zone. Over the years, through river dredging, slope greening, wetland construction, centralized sewage treatment and other measures, reclaimed water is reused to irrigate fruit-bearing forest, which further protects water source, purifies water and creates a beautiful ecological environment. As the largest plot the Plain Afforestation Project of Beijing in 2012, Yanqing County completed the reforestation mission of 16,000 mu, forming ecological landscapes like Jiuqu Flower Stream and Colorful Forest on Caijia River basin, which made Beishan sightseeing zone more graceful.

    The Flowers of the Four Seasons-Beautiful Pearl Landscape of Caishi River

Caishi River is an important tributary of Baihe River, rising near Haizikou Village, Sihai Town of the county, flowing through the Pearl Spring and Xiaochuan, and leaving the county from the north of Nantianmen Village of Zhenzhuquan Township. The river is 37 kilometers long inside the county, with the watershed area of 257.1 square kilometers. The watershed owns the average elevation of 700 meters, with the forest coverage rate of 79.4 % and an average annual rainfall of about 500 millimeters. Endowed with fresh air, pleasant climate as well as large temperature difference between day and night, here is suitable for the production of mountain flowers. In 2009, the planting area of flowers reached more than 5,000 mu. Farmers from 1,350 households of 13 villages of Sihai Town directly or indirectly involved in the production of flower industry, which helped nearly a thousand farmers find jobs. In May 2009, Sihai Town was rated as the designated unit for "millions of citizens walking into the Beijing suburb garden" of Beijing. In August 2012, the First Leisure Tour to Admire Flowers-"The Flowers of the Four Seasons" was kicked off in Sihai Town, Yanqing County of Beijing. Over 8,000 mu of marigolds, lilies and other ornamental flowers were blooming, and many tourists enjoyed themselves so much in the sea of flowers as to forget to leave.

The Flowers of the Four Seasons is adjacent to the Pearl Spring. The spring water gushes from underground, forming clusters of bubbles, just like spewing pearls. During the Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty, "Pearl Spraying Jade" had become one of the eight sights of Yanqing, thus it has enjoyed a good reputation since the ancient times.

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