A Garden of the Capital City,Four Pleasant Seasons——Spring

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3. Rivers Interspersed with Spring Flowers - Guihe Forest Park

As one of 11 new city riverside forest parks in Beijing City, Guihe Forest Park built along Guihe River stretches from Caoguanying Reservoir in the east, to Kangzhang Bridge in the west and to Sanlihe Wetland Park in the north. Across Yanqing County, it's 18 kilometers long in total from east to west and covers an area of 1,026 hectares.

Guihe Forest Park is mainly built along Guihe River and the forestland on both sides. With the idea of taking water as the axis, forest as the body, adjoining mountains and rivers, co-prosperity of forest and the city, and harmonious development, ten landscape nodes have been newly built and expanded, such as Fuxiang Garden, Banshan Lake, Chinese Rose Garden. In the park, there are over 30 kinds of trees, such as Chinese white poplar, locust, ash tree, acer truncatum, goldenrain tree, Chinese pine and spruce, and over 40 kinds of flowering shrubs, such as fructus forsythiae, flowering almond, weigela florida and amur honeysuckle. Groups of wildflowers spread all over the park. With perfect road system of sidewalk, bikeway and motorway, the square is simple, clean and beautiful. The tourist service center has complete functions with several small garden ornaments in elegant shape like pavilions, corridors and flower stands.

Rivers are interspersed with spring flowers. Guihe Forest Park is filled with pureness, tranquility, quietness and wilderness. Integrating ecological conservation, tourism and leisure on holidays, it is one of prominent achievements of the construction of ecological livable new city in "Green Demonstration Zone in Beijing".

4. Bouquets of Flowers, Thick Trees and Roaring Water Currents - Xiadu Park

The gentle and glistening lake surface is like a young girl with a beautiful figure. The spring water ripples and looks prettier and more charming. Xiadu Park covers an area of 3,500 mu, among which the water area is 1,000 mu and is divided into east and west lakes by Guishui Bridge. You can walk in Xiadu Park in spring to thoroughly relax the mind, breathe in the moist air and cheerfully enjoy the leisure.

With red walls, green tiles, cornices, warped arches, carved beams and painted rafters, the landmark in the park, namely Guichuan Pagoda, is located in Xiadu East Lake Park. With the height of 53.9 meters, the pagoda is magnificent and gorgeous, showing the extraordinary splendor of ancient architectural style in China.

There is also the nationwide largest sculpture theme park here. 50 sculptures by 51 famous sculptors from China and other nine countries in Asia, Europe, America and Africa have been kept forever in Xiadu Park for appreciation. Sculptures are concrete or abstract to show artists' understanding of "man", "life" and "nature".

The boats sail in the water and people travel in a picturesque world. "Guihai Voyage" is another new scenic spot vigorously promoted by "Summer Resort" Yanqing. The marina is located in the east of the park and a round trip on the waterway is 16.4 kilometers. People can travel on the river by archaistic dragon boats or yachts to have a panoramic view of the landscapes on both sides and beautiful mountains in the distance. Under blue sky and white clouds, lakes and mountains set each other off. The picturesque landscape and the poetic rural scenery can dispel the noise in the city and the fatigue in life. Although it's located beyond the Great Wall, it's also as charming as the riverside towns in the southern part of the country.

Adjoining Guishui Park is a large-scale city water park. Guishui Park covers a total area of nearly 10,000 mu, among which the area of water is 5,000 mu, including 5 scenic spots, namely Terrace Garden, Qingfeng Garden, Jingxin Garden, Youjing Garden and Yahe Garden. The whole park is mainly landscaped by plants and waters with rich artistic and cultural connotation.

In addition to Xiadu Park, there are also many different comprehensive parks integrating recreation, relaxation and fitness like Jiangshuiquan Park and Xiangshuiyuan Park. Walking in those parks, people can hear twitter of birds and smell fragrance of flowers very cheerfully.

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