A Garden of the Capital City,Four Pleasant Seasons——Autumn

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Forgetting Sorrow on Yudu Mountain—A Dreamlike Paradise

“Looking over the magnificent mountains embellished with waves of trees, listening to the streams murmuring deep emotions.” Located at the place 30.5 km to the northwest of the county, Yudu Mountain Scenic Spot belongs to remote mountains; in the north, it faces to Chicheng County, Hebei Province beyond a mountain, while in the west, it neighbors the Songshan nature reserve. This Scenic Spot occupies more than 100 km2 in total area and is well-known for its Dream-Realized Temple Hill, Green Pine Peak, etc. With hydrologic conditions and vegetation being well-preserved, the Scenic Spot also has Small Isolated Hill, Two-Pine Temple Site, Teapot Mountain, Two-Turtle Stone, Black Dragon Pool, Turtle Stone and other distinctive natural and humanistic scenes. Yudu Mountain Scenic Spot, Songshan National Nature Reserve and Longqing Gorge constitute the important scenic and tourist area at the northern rim of Yanqing Basin.

Taking a rest in this Yudu Mountain enveloped in the colorful autumn scenery may foster an illusion that you were in a beautiful dream. All the clarity, serenity, tranquility and wildness preserve the most primitive memories of nature. Here, you will see varieties of trees, such as pines, willows, roburs, cathay poplars, lindens, birches, etc., and bushes, such as corylus heterophylla fisch, prunus davidiana, prunus armeniaca, hawthorns, cloves, vitex, etc. In the very time of late autumn, they all look particularly enchanting in layers of colors. There are also more than 300 categories of Chinese herbs: scutellaria baicalensis, rhizoma anemarrhenae, codonopsis pilosula, to name just a few, which brings about a laudatory title of "Beijing Natural Botanic Garden" to the area.

In addition, an aquaculture base of the national institute of cold water fishes is located here. Due to the low-temperature water that is suitable for the growth of cold water fishes, the researchers carry out the studies on the culture of rare fishes by means of the advantaged water resources and advanced equipment. Since 1980s, they have already cultured varieties of precious cold water fishes including rainbow trouts, golden trouts, silver trouts and Chinese sturgeons.

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