A Garden of the Capital City,Four Pleasant Seasons——Autumn

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Kangxi Grassland—An Intoxicating Fairyland

Kangxi Grassland is located at Kangzhuang Town, Yanqing County, and neighboring Haituo Mountain in the north and Guanting Lake in the west. Being flat and broad, Kangxi Grassland has 32,000 mu of meadow and thus is the largest grassland in Beijing. Whenever in summer, Kangxi Grassland will present unique landscape featuring green grasses and blooming flowers; all mountains, water, forests and grasses constitute a whole scenic picture. Kangxi Grassland is moist and cool with a permanent low temperature (annual average temperature 8.4℃) and the scenery of "cattle and sheep running through the grasses in the wind" is also intoxicating, which makes Kangxi Grassland a good place to escape the heat of summer days. In days, you can ride horses, feast your eyes on the grassland scenery and enjoy the wildness of pasture; at nights, you can hold campfire parties beside the white Mongolian yurts, singing and dancing, and experience the northern-frontier custom. There are also varieties of animals and plants. On the grassland and the lakeside, more than 50 categories of plants like alfalfa and chrysanthemum indicum are growing; there are also hares and foxes haunting here and there and more species of birds.

The best thing of all is to enjoy the view of "the horses running under the bright blue sky" in autumn. People who have been to Kangxi Grassland would be obsessed with her broadness and profoundness. They are intoxicated with the sunset glow of Guangting Lake and more fascinated by the bright jade-like moon hanging high in the sky. Kangxi Grassland is a poem to express emotions and a dream with galloping imagination.

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