Enchanting Customs and Diversified Culture (2)

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Yanqing Dialect with Abundant Meanings

Yanqing dialect belongs to the dialects in the north of China, commonly used in the regions of Huairou and Chengde of Beijing mandarin area. Due to the geographical position, trend of mountains and rivers, historical evolution, population composition, and many other reasons, the Yanqing dialect is rather complex. It differs a lot not only with mandarin, but also with other local dialects inside the region.

Entering Yanqing, the outsiders would be visibly moved immediately, by the familiar and unfamiliar sound and tone. They feel familiar because of the sound similarity between Yanqing dialect and Beijing mandarin, easy to understand. What makes them unfamiliar is that it has slight difference in tone compared with Beijing mandarin, together with slower speed. In general, the characteristics of Yanqing dialect is “slow in a low voice”, making people feel gentle and comfortable.

The inflexion of interrogative pronoun “sha”(啥) is frequently used, with pronunciation of “shuaer” in Yanqing dialect, namely speedy pronunciation of two characters, “shua’er”(唰儿). There is a proverb in Yanqing, “one point one horizontal stroke composed the roof part of character ‘Yan’ ; I twist as you twist, I extend as you extend; with character “Xin”( heart) at the bottom, character “Yue” (Moon) by side, and Madam “Ma” (horse) standing in the middle, gold hook hangs clothes.”

Yanqing is the only path from the northwest and north areas to the Capital and the central plains. In history, due to frequent wars, there were migrations always and constantly on the move. Yanqing dialects vary a lot. During three dynasties of Liao, Jin and Yuan, the development of dialects in Yanqing was in the prototype stage; In Ming Dynasty, the dialects were integrated and basically got finalized. In Qing Dynasty, the local dialects entered the enriching and consolidating stage of language development. Experts believe the factors of the development of regional dialects in Yanqing are closely related to the geographical and cultural environment and historical process.

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